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2020 Silver Series


After reviewing event candidates and completing a process of selection, the DGPT is pleased to announce the initial slate of Silver Series events for the 2020 season. Known as Test Events in prior years, the development of the brand into the Silver Series allows these events to be more involved with the Tour by elevating standards and awarding a small portion of points to competitors. It takes dedication, development, and a strong track record of success to put together a successful bid and the DPGT congratulates all the event teams and communities joining the Silver Series in 2020. We look forward to providing more details in subsequent articles highlighting the series.

These 9 events will each award 25% the points of a premier DGPT event to competitors. In addition, competitors may use no more than their best three results to add their overall points series score. The DGPT is proud to provide UDisc services for all of these events and scoring will be integrated seamlessly into the overall DGPT Points Series Standings. The addition of scores from these events to the overall point series will add another layer of interest and strategy for players to account for during their touring season as they strive to qualify for the Tour Championship, which is poised to grow its purse significantly in 2020.

The DGPT is working collaboratively with each event team to help find and place media coverage for each stop. When finalized, the Tour will be happy to announce how fans can expect to watch the competition at these events. While there will be live coverage provided by the DGPT at each of our premier events, we do not expect live coverage to be part of the Silver Series events often, if at all.

The addition of the series creates an overall slate of 20 events when the DGPT premier events and the Tour Championship are accounted for. While this looks to be the complete schedule for 2020 at this time, there are a few events that remain in discussion with the DGPT with a chance to be added to the Silver Series this offseason. The Tour is currently reviewing the Points and Scoring systems that were in place for 2019 collaboratively with UDisc and a team of staff and advisors. Once finalized, the Tour will announce points and scoring systems adjustments and the final scoring structure for the 2020 season.

We’re happy to get more events involved with the DGPT and the inclusion of these great partners keeps our excitement for the 2020 season building!