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Disc Golf Network Announces European Open Media Plan

By Charles McCracken

July 5, 2023: UPDATE – Disc Golf Network LIVE broadcast times for the European Open’s MPO division have been adjusted to one hour earlier for all rounds. Current broadcast times for both divisions are listed below. The Presidents Cup live broadcast schedule remains unchanged.

European Open Live Broadcasts

Coverage begins with Tournament Central. Lead card tees 1 hr after the broadcast starts.

Date FPO Broadcast MPO Broadcast 
Thursday (7-20) – Sunday (7-23) 8:30 AM EEST | 1:30 AM EDT 2:30 PM EEST | 7:30 AM EDT


For Immediate Release: 

Disc Golf Network Announces European Open Media Plan

All Content Included for Subscribers

June 29, 2023: After hosting a successful live broadcast of the European Open last year, the Disc Golf Network (DGN) will again return to Nokia next month to cover the 2023 European Open presented by Discmania. This PDGA Pro Major will take place July 20 – 23 at the Nokia DiscGolfPark, formerly known as The Beast. 

All Content Included in DGN Subscription

This year, all current Disc Golf Network subscribers will be able to access all European Open content without the need to purchase any additional pay-per-view packages. For those not wanting to subscribe, a stand-alone all-access pay-per-view package containing all European Open content (live and post-produced) is available for $24.99. PDGA members can enjoy a 50% discount on the monthly DGN subscription option. 

Expanded Live Broadcasts of All Rounds & Presidents Cup

Fans can watch full tournament coverage of rounds 1-4 exclusively on the Disc Golf Network, including an expanded broadcast that will show three featured holes in a second stream! This will add depth to the viewer experience and allow fans to watch the entire field tackle the most compelling holes. With the exception of pre-game Tournament Central live broadcasts, no live coverage will be available on YouTube. In addition to complete live coverage of the tournament, Disc Golf Network will also provide live coverage of the Presidents Cup, a separate team-based competition that will take place on Wednesday, July 19. Presidents Cup live coverage will be available to all subscribers as well as PPV customers. Learn more about the Presidents Cup format here

Presidents Cup Live Broadcasts

Two nine-hole loops with analysis from Tournament Central in the middle 

Date Singular Broadcast 
Wednesday (7-19) 1:30 PM EEST | 6:30 AM EDT


European Open Live Broadcasts

Coverage begins with Tournament Central. Lead card tees 1 hr after the broadcast starts.

Date FPO Broadcast MPO Broadcast
Thursday (7-20) – Sunday (7-23) 8:30 AM EEST | 1:30 AM EDT 3:30 PM EEST | 8:30 AM EDT

(7.5.23) these times have now been adjusted. See update at the top of this announcement. 

Post-Produced & Bonus Coverage

We are thrilled to again include post-production coverage as part of the media package for the European Open. This year Disc Golf Network is adding MPO2 & FPO2 post-production coverage to the slate alongside lead card post-pro coverage! As has been the structure for all USDGC & European Open events covered by DGN, the network purchases expensive media rights and works collaboratively with the event organizers to create an approved media plan that reflects the immense organizing effort and storied history of both PDGA Pro Majors. While both event teams prioritize live coverage on Disc Golf Network, we also work hard to add post-production coverage to the media package as added value for subscribers and PPV purchasers alike. 

In the past, post-production coverage for the European Open has been produced and released by DGN before releasing at a later date on the DGPT YouTube Channel. This year, we’re excited to hand off the lead card coverage of the European Open to JomezPro thanks to their deepened partnership with the DGPT & the Disc Golf Network. Additionally, MDG Media, an important DGN partner helping to provide coverage of the PDGA EuroTour, will produce MPO & FPO chase card post-pro coverage and release it on DGN on a slight delay as compared to the standard next-day release schedule. 

Post-produced coverage will be exclusively available on the Disc Golf Network during the tournament but will be released on the JomezPro & MDG Media YouTube channels after the event. Free release on YouTube will be quicker this year with coverage starting to become available on August 8. This means that post-production coverage will be available for free starting 16 days after the final round, down from a 30-day delay in 2022. 

Finally, DGN is happy to announce that GK Pro’s OTB Tour Skins will be back for the European Open! Skins match #100 will take place at Nokia DiscGolfPark and will be released on the Disc Golf Network on July 25 before hitting the GK Pro YouTube channel on August 1. 

For more information on the Disc Golf Network’s live and post-produced coverage of the European Open, reference the DGPT’s Q&A article

Total Media Package Inclusions

All of the content below is included in both the Disc Golf Network Subscription and the stand-alone pay-per-view package available as a secondary option for non-subscribers. 

Content Description Number of Videos Estimated Total Viewing Hours
Presidents Cup Live Broadcast (format details 1 (singular broadcast) 3.5 hrs
Live Tournament Coverage  Broadcasts (rounds 1-4) (includes Tournament Central) 8 (4 each for MPO and FPO) 40 hrs
Feature Hole Broadcasts (rounds 1-4) 4 (1 for each round, runs all day) 32 hrs
Lead Card Post-Produced Coverage from JomezPro 16 (8 each for MPO and FPO, front and back nine) 11 hrs
Chase Card Post-Produced Coverage from MDG Media 16 (8 each for MPO and FPO, front and back nine) 11 hrs
OTB Tour Series Skins from GK Pro 2 (front and back nine) 1.5 hrs
TOTALS 47 total pieces of content 99 hrs of disc golf action! 


This is the most ambitious and wide-ranging content plan that the Disc Golf Network has ever delivered. Subscribe today and get access to complete coverage for one of the biggest and most prestigious events in the world!


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