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DGPT Strikes 3-Year Partnership Agreement with SmashboxxTV

By Baker Helton

For Immediate Release: 

DGPT Strikes 3-Year Partnership Agreement with SmashboxxTV

Jeffersonville, VT – December 14, 2020: In February of 2020, the Disc Golf Pro Tour (DGPT) launched the Disc Golf Network (DGN), a new subscription-based streaming service dedicated to live disc golf coverage of elite professional events. SmashboxxTV and its co-founders Terry Miller and Jonathan Van Duerzen, played an integral role in delivering a high-quality live product. Disc Golf Network went on to outperform even the highest subscriber projections with over 18,000 disc golf fans subscribing over eight months. Now, the partnership that helped fuel that success is locked in through 2023. 

The DGPT and SmashboxxTV have agreed to a 3-year contract that cements a solid base for rapid growth. “We can’t say enough about the dedication that Terry and JVD (Jonathan Van Duerzen) have for the sport of disc golf,” Disc Golf Pro Tour CEO & Director, Jeff Spring said. “Through the years they’ve helped lay the groundwork for the growth of disc golf media. We’re thrilled to continue to build on the successful launch of the Disc Golf Network knowing that they’ll be part of the team for years to come.”

SmashboxxTV’s Terry Miller stated, “Since the inception of the Disc Golf Pro Tour in 2016, Jonny V and I have been excited about the vision of the Pro Tour and the commitment to offering live disc golf coverage.  We are honored to further strengthen our partnership and dedication to the Disc Golf Network platform and to the success of the Disc Golf Pro Tour.”

The new deal does not change significant elements of the current arrangement between the entities, and SmashboxxTV will continue to offer other media elements to their fan base such as their well-known weekly video podcast. Live Streaming of events, however, will most likely always come through the Disc Golf Network brand in the years to come as Smashboxx has agreed to support all DGN scheduling prerogatives,which includes upcoming content expansion. “We expect to grow the slate of events we offer to subscribers significantly in the near future,” said Spring.

To support schedule expansion, the DGPT is purchasing more live streaming equipment, investing in new technology, and adding staff. Another significant upgrade coming to DGN for 2021 is a new studio based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. “We’re putting a priority on continuous professional growth, whether that’s through the investment in studio space, equipment, or talented DGN staff,” said Spring. 

DGN plans to expand from 4 live cameras to the ability to engage 6 live cameras, which will allow the production team increased flexibility and more coverage on the course in addition to other necessary equipment and staffing upgrades to support the expansion. Mahmoud Bahrani, producer of DGN live broadcasts, said, “I’m really excited to continue working with Terry and JVD to keep improving the live broadcast. We made a ton of progress last year, and I’m excited to see what we can do with the additional upgrades and resources.”

2021 looks to be another year of progression for live disc golf, and with a fresh 3-year partnership between the Disc Golf Pro Tour and SmashboxxTV, fans of live disc golf have many years of enjoyment to look forward to. 




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