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MVP Open Hole 8 Ruling Clarification

By Jeff Spring

MVP Open Tournament Director, Steve Dodge, has issued the following rules clarification for play on hole 8. All competitors are being advised of this clarification today before beginning their round:

  • The Event Caddy Book provides the official rules for the event.
  • There are 2 distinct Out of Bounds areas on the sign, the OB pond/water short and the OB long which is shaded red.
  • The hole rules state:
    • Pond is OB
    • Over the string line (1 m in front of ad wall) long of green is OB
    • If OB on land traditional OB rules apply
      • If a tee shot lands OB in the water, proceed to DZ1 shooting 3
      • If a shot from DZ1 lands OB in the water, proceed to DZ2 shooting 5
    • If a throw goes out of bounds into the shaded red OB Area, traditional OB rules apply, which give the player the option of using the drop zone provided or playing where it last crossed in bounds. Either play is correct and it is the player’s option to decide.
    • The OB Water referred to under the “TWO DROP ZONES” portion of Hole 8’s rule refers to the area marked in blue with OB markings on the tee sign. If a disc is in that area, the player MUST play their next shot from DZ1, shooting 3.
    • Lastly, when consulting the legend, which is part of the Official Caddy Book, all areas shaded red are defined as “OB Area” and areas shaded blue are defined as “OB Water”, which helps to clarify Hole 8’s OB rules further.

Associated Materials:

2020 MVP Open Official Caddy Book

Hole 8 Ruling Clarification as it applies to an appeal in Round 2 at the 2020 MVP Open:

During competition in Round 2 Paul McBeth went out of bounds long, into the red OB Area, on Hole 8. He was advised that he must play from Drop Zone 1. He disagreed and played a provisional, marking his lie one meter off of where he crossed into the red OB Area. He scored a 4 on the hole from his provisional and a 5 from his original shot. Under the rules clarification above, Paul’s provisional play was the correct play.

At the end of his round, Paul was given an official ruling that his provisional was not allowed and that his play from DZ1 that resulted in a 5 was correct. Paul immediately appealed this ruling to the Tournament Director. Tournament Director Steve Dodge considered the appeal and took the time to review all relevant materials. Sunday morning, after consultation with the Disc Golf Pro Tour and the PDGA, the Tournament Director ruled that McBeth’s appeal had merit. Steve Dodge subsequently issued guidance to reverse the original ruling on McBeth’s provisional before the start of Round 3 of the MVP Open commenced, allowing his provisional on Hole 8 to become the official score, in line with the correct rules on Hole 8.

This change is in line with PDGA rule 801.03 Appeals which states, under (D), “If a ruling is overturned, an Official or the Director may adjust the player’s score to reflect the correct interpretation of the rules.” McBeth’s score was adjusted from a 5 to a 4 on the hole, and a from a 54 in Round 2, to a 53.