In 2023, the Music City Open (MCO) in Nashville, Tennessee celebrated its 14th year. The MCO had started in 2010 and had continued to grow each year. Tournament Director Zachary Hoy and Assistant Tournament Director Jay Skinner were especially proud of the community, staff, and volunteers who had helped to improve the tournament each year. The tournament had benefited greatly from the thriving disc golf scene in Music City, with many members of the Music City Disc Golf community supporting the event.

Over the years, the Music City Open (MCO) has seen a number of champions emerge. Among them, Catrina Allen triumphed twice, securing victories in 2011 and 2019, while Paige Pierce claimed the title twice as well, in 2013 and 2015. However, Chris Dickerson, a native of Tennessee, holds the record for the most MCO wins, having emerged victorious four times (2017, 2018, 2019, 2022).

Last year, a grand total of 166 players, encompassing both MPO and FPO divisions, competed for a total purse of $80,003. Congratulations to our MPO Champion Simon Lizotte and FPO Champion Kristin Tattar! Experience the excitement of last year’s tournament recap here.

Event History:

Year MPO Winner Final Score FPO Winner Final Score
2024 TBD ? TBD ?
2023 Simon Lizotte -23 Kristin Tattar -7
2022 Chris Dickerson -28 Missy Gannon -6
2021 Mason Ford -32 Hailey King -15
2020* Alden Harris -24 Holly Finley -8
2019* Chris Dickerson -26 Catrina Allen -17
2018* Chris Dickerson -27 Madison Walker +6
2017* Chris Dickerson -28 Sara Lamberson +23
2016* Todd Bagwell -21 Kelly Tucker +32

*Not a DGPT Event

Check out the 2023 Music City Open’s Highlights below:

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