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10 for 10! Discraft’s GMC Fantasy Power Picks Winner

CrackInTheGlass goes 10 for 10 in the Fantasy Power Picks! An absolutely amazing feat that we would expect to happen 3 out of every 1000 times. Here are the percentage
of people that got the answers right.

  1. 67% predicted McBeth would not win
  2. 29% predicted Wysocki would do 3rd or worse
  3. 78% predicted Lizotte would do 4th or worse
  4. 33% predicted Leiviska would do 4th or better
  5. 53% predicted Sexton would do 6th or worse
  6. 53% predicted Doss would do 6th or better
  7. 45% predicted McMahon would do 8th or worse
  8. 46% predicted Koling would do 8th or better
  9. 76% predicted Johansen would do 9th or better
  10. 71% predicted Brinster would do 10th or worse

Just to put a duller point on it, CrackInTheGlass chose 236 as the total winner’s score. They were WAAAAAY off on that count, as Nate Doss took a total score of 200 over four rounds. 200 was very close to the mean, meaning CITG had very little chance at winning if it went to the tie breaker. However, if you get them all right, you don’t need the tie breaker. Congratulations CITG, your KEENs are on the way!
Here are charts of the top six player predictions in our Power Picks fantasy.