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2016 DGPT Awards

the DGPT Awards, a player must play in at least half of the regular season events.

Tour Champions

  • Paul McBeth
  • Catrina Allen

After surviving a serious threat in the Semifinals , Paul McBeth would shoot a new course record in the DGPT Tour Championship Finals , besting Nikko Locastro by two shots. On the ladies side, Catrina Allen won the Semifinals and the Finals in convincing fashion, claiming the first Tour Championship.

Men’s Points Champions

  1. Ricky Wysocki
  2. Cale Leiviska
  3. Nate Doss

Ricky Wysocki won three of the five inaugural Pro Tour events, running away with the Tour Points Championship. After being eliminated in the Semifinals, there was a small outcry from the fans that wanted to see him in the Finals. The decision was made to not change the Semifinals to Finals format but instead to create a financial reward for finishing first in Tour Points. Ricky led the tour in Eagles (5) and was in the top 10 in most of the stats we collected. Overall, it was a dominant season for the #1 Ranked player in the world.
Women’s Points Champions

  1. Sarah Hokom
  2. Catrina Allen
  3. Valarie Jenkins

Sarah Hokom, the #3 Ranked player in the world, had a great 2016 season. She secured two victories and three third place finishes on the tour, beating out Catrina Allen’s two victories and two seconds. She was able to hold off Catrina with fate seeming to play a role. First, Catrina missed the Silver Cup. If she had finished in the top 10, Catrina would have earned enough points to overtake Sarah. Second, a ruling penalty at The Majestic cost Catrina a chance at a playoff with Sarah for first. As it turns out, whichever player won The Majestic would have had enough points to win the Tour Points. Kudos to Sarah Hokom for putting herself in position to succeed and being our 2016 Tour Points Champion.

Sniper Award

  1. Cale Leiviska: 85 Sniper Rating
  2. Nikko Locastro: 84
  3. Ricky Wysocki: 84
  1. Catrina Allen: 70
  2. Sarah Hokom: 59
  3. Paige Pierce: 56

The DGPT Sniper Rating is a combination of a players Fairway and Parked percentages. On the men’s side, throughout the 2016 season, Cale Leiviska finished outside the top 5 once (10th at the Silver Cup). He was one of the most consistent players on tour and much of that success can be attributed to his driver. His 75% fairway hits and 10% parked put him atop the DGPT Sniper Ratings. On the women’s side, Catrina Allen’s drives dominated her opponents, setting her up for success.

Golden Putter

  1. Paul McBeth: 133 Putter Rating
  2. Nate Sexton: 129
  3. Ricky Wysocki: 126
  4. Michael Johansen: 126
  1. Des Reading: 108
  2. Lesli Todd: 105
  3. Paige Pierce: 101
  4. Lisa Fajkus: 101

The Putter Rating is a combination of a players C1 and C2 putting percentages. Congratulations to Paul McBeth and Des Reading, both of whom earned the award with their steller Circle 2 (10-20M) putting.


  1. Michael Johansen: 83
  2. Nate Doss: 77
  3. Nathan Sexton: 76
  1. Catrina Allen: 67
  2. Sarah Hokom: 62
  3. Valarie Jenkins: 62

Scramble percentage is the number of par saves when the green is not reached in regulation.

Hail Mary

  1. Allen Hermosillo: 10
  2. AJ Risley: 8
  3. Michael Johansen: 7
  1. Des, Holly, Lisa, Catrina, Paige all had three.

Throw ins from outside Circle 2 are an exciting way to gain strokes on the rest of the field. The Hail Mary thrills us every time! Each throw in counts as one.

Rookie of the Year

  • James Conrad
  • Madison Walker

Technically every player could be considered a DGPT Rookie, but we narrowed it down based on national exposure in prior years. On the men’s side, Allen Hermosillo, Dustin Keegan, and Matt Dollar were on the short list for consideration, but James Conrad committed to playing and killed it all season. At the Vibram Open he finished 12th, staking his claim. He would not finish outside the top 10 the rest of the season. On the women’s side, Holly Finley, Zoe Andyke, and Lisa Fajkus made strong bids but in the end it came down to numbers and Madison Walker came out on top. We look forward to 2017 and once again trying to determine what it takes to be a DGPT Rookie.

Player of the Year

  • Ricky Wysocki
  • Catrina Allen

With the notable exception of his exit in the Tour Championship Semifinals and the Ledgestone, which came four days after his first World Championship, Ricky was dominant all season, carding three wins and a fourth. He also overtook Paul McBeth and claimed the #1 Ranking in the world with his win at The Majestic. Congratulations to Ricky on an amazing season.
On the ladies side, it really came down to two players: Catrina Allen and Sarah Hokom. They both won two events, they finished 1 2 in the Tour Championship. Catrina’s dominance at the Finals was the deciding factor in this decision. Both women deserve amazing praise, but this year, Catrina was the best player on the Pro Tour.