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2017 Pro Tour Cards

Over the next few years, our goal will be to create an environment where 72 men and 20 or more women can earn their livings as touring pros. These players will be the best players in our sport. They will have Pro Tour Cards. And they will have earned them.
To earn a spot as a touring pro, players will need to either:

  • Qualify for the Tour Championship – finish in the top 48 in tour points in 2016
  • Be in the top 24 in the Pro Tour Power Rankings as of 11/1/2016.

Note: In 2017, the Tour Championship will expand to a larger field, possibly 72 men and 16 women, and it will be a stand-alone event, designed to create drama, opportunities, and crown our Tour Champion.

Players that qualify for 2017 Pro Tour Cards will be able to:

  • Register to be on tour
  • Secure a spot at each of the Pro Tour events in 2017
  • Have a player profile page on the Pro Tour website
  • Be in at least one off-season interview with the Pro Tour
  • Have a card in the 2017 Pro Tour Trading Card deck

We are very excited for the future of the sport, for having the opportunity to showcase the skills of these players, and for the tremendous support we have received from the discing community.
Over the coming weeks, we will discuss the tremendous coverage and statistics that will be utilized for the Pro Tour. We are one month and one week away. Are you ready?


PS. Pro Tour Watch Party – Host a party to watch the Pro Tour. If you have 10 or more people and post a picture of your party watching the Pro Tour, we will send you some Pro Tour party favors for your next one. Stay tuned for more info.