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2018 DGPT Basket Approval

The Pro Tour will be modifying our 2018 Basket Approval process. Our previous two-step approval process relied on approval by the PDGA that the basket meets their
Championship level criteria and then a 75% approval from the players. This process put the onus on the players to go out and test baskets, provide feedback, and in some cases, say no to a manufacturer, potentially even a manufacturer that sponsors them. This is a difficult position to be put in and we have decided to adjust accordingly.
Going forward, the Pro Tour will make an internal assessment of any Championship level basket that requests to be a DGPT Approved Basket. If the results are positive, we will add the basket to our list. If the results are negative, we will privately reach out to the manufacturer of the basket and discuss why. The primary criteria for approval will be consistency in catching discs that should be caught. This assessment will be based off of input from various trusted third parties as well as Pro Tour staff.
As basket technology continues to improve, currently approved baskets could be deemed as too inconsistent to continue to be used on the Pro Tour. Baskets that are approved, will continue to be approved unless it is demonstrated in play that they are not worthy.
No basket is perfect and no basket can be perfect until our sport defines what discs ought to be caught. As a sport, until we define acceptable/ideal velocity, angles of attack, and RPMs for putts, we will not be able to completely define how good a basket is. One disc that is not caught is not a reason to disqualify a basket, but repeated demonstrations on inconsistent catching need to be reviewed.
At this point, we have data from many rounds on many baskets and we have an acceptable level of non-catches. A catch rate of 98% is acceptable. A catch rate of less than 95% will need to be reviewed. As long as the newly approved baskets meet or are better than the current acceptable range, they will remain on the list of approved baskets.
As new baskets are approved, we will announce them and add them to our list of DGPT Approved Baskets .