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2018 DGPT Championship: FPO Finale – Hokom Wraps the Season on the Very Last Throw

Fifteen minutes ago, I could not have told you who was going to win the DGPT Championship presented by Prodigy Discs here at New World Sports Complex in Jacksonville, FL. Standing on the tee of 18 our leaders were tied at 2 under par. It looked like both Catrina Allen and Sarah Hokom had put up the best drives their opposite styles of play could muster.

​Catrina put the pressure on with a roller that made it clear of all the trees and out past the golf green at the bend right before rolling just into the rough on the left side. Sarah Hokom pured her forehand out to just before the sand trap. Sarah’s footing was certainly better and her second shot put her deep into the second set of woods and well clear of the Mando. Catrina’s lie prevented here from putting too much power on the throw and she came out about 60 ft behind Sarah. Her third shot would put her in position for par, putting the pressure on Sarah to land the green for the birdie to win. And she did just that. Trusting her perfect forehand she parked her shot and the rest is herstory. Sarah Hokom, at three under par, has won the season and the finals.

Before the last couple of holes, the day was leaning in Catrina’s favor. She crept ahead one by one until her first blemish on hole 14. She’d played that monster perfectly until her final approach shot. She was close enough to pick a slower disc. She put a great move on it up and over the OB and it looked like it was going to hyzer back in. But then it pretty much fell from the sky like a rock only feet beyond the OB line. Her second attempt was good, and she completed the hole with a bogey 6. Just like that tie game. Parring out the next four holes though just wasn’t quite enough even with Sarah going birdie, bogey, par, birdie. She led the pack in Fairway, Circle 1, and Circle 2 hits and if she could have hit a single circle 2 putt we would be telling a different story. But after 14 holes in her favor, they story became Sarah Hokom.

Hokom, on the other hand, was hitting more circle 2 putts than any other FPO player at 33%. Which helped her maintain first in scramble too at 73%. Her round looked a good bit more up and down with three bogeys to Catrina’s one. But she doubled Catrina’s Birdie count, hitting six today, the most out of the whole card. When Terry Miller caught up with her after the round one of his first question was if she had been following her score and if she knew how close it was on 18’s approach. Hokom is known for not watching scores like most of the pros do during a round. She finds that she throws worse when she does. So naturally, her response was expected, “No, no I didn’t know. I don’t follow my scores.” Classic Hokom picking up another classic win. With that, she wraps up not only this weekend’s epic finale but also the pro tour points season. It’s been one doozy of a year, thanks for the show, Sarah!

Further down the final card was Jessica Weese and Paige Bjerkaas. A lot of expected big things from both but early on it was clear Paige was slipping. Her 7 on hole 6 hurt, but the 10 on hole 8 wrapped things up for her. She did put up some great shots the rest of the round and stayed in high spirits despite the predicament. Weese also collected a 7 on hole 6 but she gripped the handlebars a little bit tighter for a few more holes. Eventually, a double bogey would catch her on 13 and catching the leaders became all but insurmountable. They both had fantastic seasons and clearing have much higher ceilings for their play than we have been witness to today. Congrats to both of them for making it this far.

The season might have ended, and the finals are done, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be hearing from us through-out the offseason. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to stay up to date with everything Pro Tour. Until then, thanks for reading and go get outside and play some disc golf!

Article written by Staff Editor & Writer Zach Podhorzer.