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2018 DGPT Championship Preview: Paul McBeth – Will McBeast Morph into McG.O.A.T.?

​Paul McBeth, 4x World Champion, 4x European Open Champion, 1x USDGC Champion, 2016 DGPT Champion, and now, add to his countless accolades, 2018 Pro Tour Points Champion. Finishing out front of the pack by a comfortable 106 points. There is simply no margin bigger between any two players who scored Pro Tour Points this year than there is between McBeth and Wysocki. His 599 is only 101 points away from the perfect Pro Tour season of 700 points. We this kind of season-long dominance, plus a remarkable 18 down in Michigan, it is getting harder and harder to argue that Paul McBeth, when his career is complete, won’t go down in disc golf history as our G.O.A.T. So before we go any further, might I recommend a quick revisit to July 7th, for Round 2 of the Great Lakes Open in Milford, MI.
​On top of watching that unfold you have to look at his card on UDisc too. There’s something so visually appealing about that many blue boxes in a row. Hard to call it a blemish, but it would look a bit prettier if it was a solid bar with 1 dark box and a -19, but no one likes a perfectionist’s take on something perfect.

McBeast Mode Activated.
​100% Scramble, 100% Circle 1 Putting, and 100% Circle 2 Putting. McBeth never missed a putt the entire weekend inside Circle 1 and he ranked 1st in 5 of the 8 ranked stats. I guess he could have parked more? Or made more than 43% of his circle 2 putts? Or I guess miss that one bogey on 18 during the first round? What I’m trying to say is this, Paul McBeth is not only more than worthy of being the number one ranked player in the world, he also has the highest ceiling. How else do you maintain dominance in a rapidly growing field of fierce competitors? You keep getting even better than you were before.

McBeth has all the skills and experience he needs to clinch the season with a win at the Tour Championship in three weeks. If he had started the year hot and had a cold stretch in the summer I would be more skeptical of his chances, but if anything his momentum is only building. Just check out his Pro Tour season. It trends towards better and better, and of the rounds that are counted in his total, he’s averaging 2nd place over 7 events.


Maybe 13 is Paul’s Lucky Number? Nah, must be number 1.
​Paul’s performance at this year’s USDGC has given us a hint of what we can expect two weeks later in Jacksonville, FL. Will McBeast start to activate as the spotlights get brighter and brighter or will there be a dark horse emerging from the shadows to upset the most competitive spirit in the game, Paul McBeth, top contender for the G.O.A.T.?