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2018 DGPT Championship Preview: Sexton Shoots for a Championship Win

​Currently, Nate Sexton is the reigning Canadian and United States Champion. To add Disc Golf Pro Tour Champion to the list would be quite the achievement. Sexton, much like Eagle, has flown under the radar at Disc Golf Pro Tour events this season. Outside of a win at the Ledgestone Insurance Open, Sexton’s consistent finishes across the other tour stops he attended is what helped him finish in the top eight in tour points for the 2018 season.

Eagle may have missed four Pro Tour stops on his way to a 5th place tour points finish, but Sexton did not attend three and used the one extra event to finish one spot higher in 4th with 366.33 points. The events Sexton missed were Utah, Great Lakes, and Idlewild for the same reasons as many other touring pros; he was in Europe. However, even if Sexton had attended all three Pro Tour events that he missed, he would have needed to finish in the top three at all three to have a shot at unseating Paul McBeth’s 599 point Tour Points finish.

Nate Sexton had a hot start to the season, finishing in third and fourth at the first two events on tour. Sexton used stable driving at both stops to finish in the top five. At Memorial Sexton dominated the parked percentage with 22% of his drives (1st in the field). Then at WACO Sexton won the C2 in Regulation stat with 87% of his drives making their way into putting range. Sexton followed up his hot start with the worst finish of his Pro Tour season at Jonesboro where he finished T17th. While Sexton dominated the parked percentage at Jonesboro, he struggled to scramble and find C1 and C2 in regulation which made it hard for him to crack the top five as he had at previous events. Sexton bounced back at San Francisco before taking a few months away from the Pro Tour to travel to Europe where he not only competed but also ran Sexton Shootouts.

When Sexton returned to the Tour at Ledgestone, he was ready to play his game and hopefully card another top ten finish on tour. Sexton’s consistent performance across four rounds at Lake Eureka not only netted him a top ten finish, but it provided him with the first Disc Golf Pro Tour win of his career. Sexton was able to win thanks to his 85% 1st place scramble percentage coupled with his 96% 6th place Circle One Putting percentage.

What to watch from Sexton during the semifinals?

​Sexton has been said to be surgical on the course, and his stats do not lie. Sexton is strategic with his drives, and when he is on, his parked, C1 in regulation, and C2 in regulation stats are all in the top ten. If Nate can put his consistent driving together with a consistent putting stroke as he did at Ledgestone, then it is possible we will be seeing Nate in the finals on October 21st.

The Nate and Eagle card has to be one of the most exciting match-ups in the bracket. The card will feature the top Tour Points finisher from the quarterfinals round as well as the bottom Tour Points finisher. Any of the MPO players from Drew Gibson to Cale Leiviska could be on the card. Last year at the Tour Championship Nate had a bye to the quarterfinals but was unable to capitalize and move on in the bracket. Nate finished his round -3, and it took a -5 to advance to the semifinal round. By receiving a bye to the semifinals round, Nate will only need one round to make it into the Tour Championship.

Will Nate be able to move past last year’s performance and channel his Ledgestone Open victory mindset to make it into the championship? Make plans to tune in October 18-21st and watch to find out!