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2018 Golden Putter Award

​Each year the Disc Golf Pro Tour puts together a list of awards highlighting the success of players, events, and staff. Each day leading up to the new year we will take a moment to highlight one set of awards. Follow along to see who won what and highlights of how those feats were achieved.

The Golden Putter Award goes to the MPO and FPO players who had the best combined C1 and C2 percentage across the Disc Golf Pro Tour season. By combining C1 and C2 putting percentages we are able to identify the player who is not just capable of making close putts, but is also consistently making distance putts when placed in that position.

There are several players who are known as exceptional putters on tour and the 2018 Golden Putter awards will help to solidify one player’s putting prowess and bring another player’s putting skills into the spotlight. Both players sprang onto the touring scene in 2017 and in 2018 they are now seeing awards handed out based on their continued performance.

In the FPO division, we see a player who became known for her putting power in 2017 and after looking at the stats it is clear the putting power is not just something that is talked about, it is something which is backed up by stats that place this player above the rest. Lisa Fajkus kept a consistent 91% C1 putting statistic across the season and a respectable 13% C2 putting statistic.

In the MPO division, we have a lesser known player. A player who at the 2017 Tour Championship was able to advance all the way to the semifinal round. A player who in many ways is known more for his crazy drives over water than he is for the award he is receiving.

Reid Frescura is the 2018 recipient of the Golden Putter Award. Reid achieved this status with a 92% C1 putting stat and a blazing 38% C2 putting statistic. Reid is a player to watch in the 2019 season, he is exciting to watch and he has the stats and game to back it up.

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