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2018 Memorial Championship presented by Discraft MPO Preview

And we’ve arrived. In only two short days, the first throw of the 2018 Disc Golf Pro Tour will be sailing through the skies of Scottsdale, AZ. That’s right, it’s time for the
Memorial Championship presented by Discraft. This early in the season it’s hard to make predictions. Already in 2018, we’ve seen some unfamiliar names on the leaderboards at the biggest events. Take Coloradan Joel Freeman’s second-place finish at the Las Vegas Challenge – relatively unknown, Joel didn’t even flinch under the pressure of playing with the biggest names in the sport. Or how about Lance Brown? What an absolutely incredible performance at the 40 th Wintertime Open. I think plenty of us thought we were tuning in to watch McBeast wrack up a 10 th win there.
Both Joel and Lance are going to be at the Memorial, so this is Paul’s chance for redemption. Speaking of which, expect Paul “McBeast” McBeth to show up hungry. There is no doubt about it, Wysocki and McBeth are locked in a battle for best in the world. McBeth certainly has the credentials as a 4x World Champ and 1x US Champ, and the highest rating in the world at 1052. Wysocki is building his resume quickly though, with a 2x world champion and a 1050 rating he’s no joe. McBeth’s throne is undeniably shaky and the 2018 season will be pivotal. Are we going to see McBeast shredding the toughest courses in the world? Will the “Sockibomb” maintain momentum from 2017 and blow the competition away? Or are we going to see the rest of the field catch these legends?
If you’re Paul McBeth, the Memorial Championship presented by Discraft is a great place to start your momentum for the season. Let’s take a look at how Paul, our defending champion, has played the Memorial in the past:

  • 2008, Paul’s first Memorial, places in 10th, 16 behind the winner, Dave Feldberg.
  • 2009, Paul moves up, places in a tie for 5 th only 7 behind the winner, Nikko Locastro.
  • 2010, Paul closes the gap, he finishes in 6 th but is only 6 throws behind the winner, Dave Feldberg.
  • 2011, Paul picks up his first win, besting Nikko by 3.
  • 2012, Paul bests Will Schusterick by 3, win count: 2.
  • 2013, Paul takes second to Will after a tense play-off.
  • 2014, Paul wins by his largest margin, 4 over JohnE McCray, win count: 3.
  • 2015, Paul takes second to Koling in an epic multi-hole playoff.
  • 2016, Paul bests Nate Sexton by 1, win count: 4
  • 2017, Paul bests Simon Lizotte by 1, win count: 5

That’s right, McBeast has won the Memorial five times and has never placed out of the top ten. Oh, and in case you forgot, the Highest rated round in disc golf history, a whopping 1132, (only 39 total throws) was thrown by Paul at Fountain Hills during the 2013 Memorial Championship. At the time that round was 92 ratings points above is then 1039 rating. And he didn’t even win that year! So yes, Paul McBeth crushes Fountain Hills. Yes, Paul McBeth has won this tournament five times. And yes, Paul McBeth is human. His largest margin of victory is only four throws.
Returning to the Memorial this year to challenge Paul’s win streak are most of the folks that have made him work for it in the past. Feldberg, Locastro, McCray, Koling, Sexton, and Lizotte will all be in attendance. You can expect the other stand-bys too, Wysocki is a threat you can never forget, and Eagle McMahon seems to have found a new composure and is off to a hot start in 2018 picking up his first National Tour win of his life in Las Vegas last weekend. So if I had to call it, I’m putting my money on Paul just barely edging out a win over Eagle after a couple of playoff holes. After all, you gotta keep it interesting for the fans, right?
The Memorial Championship presented by Discraft starts on Wednesday, February 28 th and will include four rounds, starting at Fountain Hills and alternating with Vista Del Camino. Live coverage starts every day at 4 PM EST and post-production rounds being posted the next day. Don’t miss any of the action and make sure to check back here daily for more previews, stat analysis, and round recaps. Until then, get outside and play some disc golf! The 2018 Season is officially here!