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2018 Pro Tour Pass

The 2018 Pro Tour Pass is now available thru 12/15. The Pro Tour Pass secures you a spot in every event. There is no need to worry about registering throughout the year or
missing a deadline. You are in.
Also, if you are looking to secure a spot on the Pro Tour and try to earn your touring card, the Pro Tour Pass is often the first step toward making the commitment to try. We will continue to push and improve. Hopefully the Pro Tour Pass can help you push and improve your game as well.
The Pro Tour Pass is offered at a 10% discount but is non-refundable. Here are the three Pro Tour Pass options:

MPO: $1,724 / FPO: $1,314

MPO: $968 / FPO: $720

MPO: $959 / FPO: $729