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2018 Sniper Award

Each year the Disc Golf Pro Tour puts together a list of awards highlighting the success of players, events, and staff. Each day leading up to the new year we will take a moment to highlight one set of awards. Follow along to see who won what and highlights of how those feats were achieved.

The Sniper Award is a combination of Fairway and Parked percentages that we use to determine who the most accurate players are on tour. When combined we refer to the two percentages together as Circle Zero.

This year’s recipients are both known for their skills on the course. Some have even referred to one’s skills as surgeon like. Based on both player’s performance it is clear their sniper skills are key to their success.

In the FPO division the player receiving the Sniper award finished the season being on the fairway 72% of the time and parked 15% of the time. Traditionally known for her skills with a driver, Paige Pierce proved in 2018 that she is also skilled with staying in the fairway and parking shots.

In the MPO division we had the opportunity to watch this player wow at Ledgestone and then watch them as they advanced from the semifinals to the final round of the 2018 Tour Championship. With a 78% Fairway hit stat and being parked 16% of the time Nate Sexton was able to bring home the 2018 Sniper Award. (check to see if Nate won it last year).

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