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2018 TD & Staff of the Year Awards

​Each year the Disc Golf Pro Tour puts together a list of awards highlighting the success of players, events, and staff. Each day leading up to the new year we will take a moment to highlight one set of awards. Follow along to see who won what and highlights of how those feats were achieved.

One set of awards are unique in that they are not player based. Instead, the following two awards are tied to our events that are featured on tour. The TD of the Year and Staff of the Year are awards the Pro Tour bestows upon events as a way to celebrate the success that they have and create a bar for which other events should aspire to reach.

The TD of the Year award goes to the Tournament Director(s) who show innovation for tour events while ensuring a quality event takes place that meets the Pro Tour standard. The event hosted by our TD(s) of the Year was a first year event. This event worked to offset tournament costs by introducing a gate fee and worked to take care of the players by ensuring EVERY card’s stats were covered by a volunteer. The event ran without a hitch and we are proud to bestow the TD of the Year award for 2018 to Sean Jack and Sean Mercy of the San Francisco Open.

The Staff of the Year award goes to the staff that goes above and beyond the call of duty. Every Pro Tour event is staffed by a host of volunteers however, there are a select few events who stand out as having exceptional staff. This year it was a close race between events like WACO and San Francisco as to who had the best staff on tour. However, beating out both of them was first year event, the Great Lakes Open. The staff of the Great Lakes Open worked hard to overcome several course preparation issues due to the temporary nature of the course, they also had more than enough spotters on every hole that needed one, and most importantly, when an issue arose, the staff did what it took to handle it whether it was adding additional bathrooms, working on crowd control, or jumping to the occasion when water stations were empty due to the large galleries at the event. The attention to detail afforded by the DGLO crew did not go unnoticed and we are proud to award the entire team the 2018 Disc Golf Pro Tour Staff of the Year award.

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