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2018 Utah Open: A Mountaintop Experience

OGDEN, UT– Since the inaugural event in 2014, the Utah Open has been so much more than a disc golf tournament. The Utah Open has been a week of festivities and
excitement leading up to the main event. It really is an event for the entire community to participate in, and this year is certainly no exception. The Wolf Creek Lodge is hosting a special catered meal tonight for UO attendees and participants at its own disc golf course. That’s only the start of what will be a week of food and fun. Tomorrow, Infinite Discs, which is headquartered just a few miles north in Logan, is hosting a flex start C-tier at Mulligans Creekside DGC. This event is totally open to the public as well. Registration will be available the day of the event, as will great prizes for the best in the field. Not only will the best players in the world take to the course, but amateur competitors will have their own event at The Fort starting on Thursday and running for three rounds total. Thursday night is all about the kids with free disc golf and pizza at Toads Fun Zone. Top professional players will be on hand for signing and to join in on the fun! More details are available on Disc Golf Scene about all the other events going on all tournament week.
Mulligans Creekside DGC is an absolutely picturesque location for intensely competitive disc golf. The Wahsatch Mountains provide arguably the prettiest backdrop on the whole tour and the rolling hills dotted with evergreen trees and deep green grass makes for a gorgeous landscape on which to compete. The weather forecast for this weekend is verging on perfection, with temperatures in the low 80’s and light winds the entire weekend. The course itself is fairly young, having only been installed in 2014, the first year of the Utah Open. Measuring in at approximately 8,300 ft., it’s not the longest course on tour by any means. That does not serve as an indicator of its difficulty, however, because the entire layout is fraught with out-of-bounds in the form of ponds and sand traps. Holes 2, 6, 16, and 18 feature tricky greens with plenty of rollaway potential should anyone miss their line or put the wrong angle on their disc. Where water is not in play, sand traps will certainly be. Expect players with accuracy to perform well, rather than those with raw power.

1000-RATED VIEWS: As the world’s top men & women take to Mulligans Creekside this weekend, they’ll be trying their best to shape shots as pretty as these mountains, and as exciting as Ricky Wysocki’s walk-off ace last year.
This course mandates every player to call upon all available shots in their respective bags. Mulligans didn’t get its name for being solely a wide open hyzer-shot layout, and many holes will test the field on their skills. There are tight fairways with trees and mandos to navigate, long water carries, low-ceiling drives that require the most delicate forehand, and small greens surrounded by OB that demand the most accurate upshots the competitors can place. Stay tuned for the MPO and FPO previews coming later this week for more details about the competition and what is at stake in the current championship battle.
If you live in the Mountain West, you know how elevation affects the flight of discs. Anytime serious elevation is introduced, the overstability of every disc is evident. Ogden sits at 4,300 feet above sea level, which could create some significant changes to players’ bags this weekend. Mulligans Creekside is nowhere near the highest course in the United States, but it is the highest on the Pro Tour, so it will be different from what most players in the field are used to normally. Look for players to make adaptations to their bags or throw new angles on their existing discs to compensate for the altitudinal effects.
As always, our friends at UDisc will handle the live scoring for the entire event, covering every possible statistic with their usual excellence and accuracy. Tune in with us for shot-by-shot FPO coverage starting Friday at 2 pm Mountain Standard Time. That’s 1 pm on the west coast and 4 pm on the east coast. Live MPO coverage will start at 5 pm ET each day as well. You can catch it all on the Disc Golf Pro Tour website. Jomez Productions and Central Coast will be out in force covering lead card every day and pumping out post-production footage in usual fashion. Teeing off for live coverage will be defending champion Ricky Wysocki, tour points leader Paul McBeth, event pick Bobby Musick, and fan vote winner Colten Montgomery. Stay with the Disc Golf Pro Tour for all the latest tournament news as the date nears for the 2018 Utah Open presented by Prodigy Discs.