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2019 DGPT Championship MPO Quarterfinals Recap: Tie Breaker Determines Final Spot in Semifinals

By Baker Helton
​The first day of the 2019 Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship is in the books, and the MPO players are geared up to play the grueling semifinals round tomorrow. Tomorrow the field will go from sixteen to four and the competition could not be closer.

The first card of the quarterfinals round featured Matt Dollar, Zach Melton, Paul Oman, and Michael Johansen. These players were the lowest in Tour Points Standings going into the quarterfinals round and all, but one of them advanced into the semifinals. Paul Oman, 51st in Tour Standings, Zach Melton, 44th in Tour Standings, Michael Johansen, 42nd in Tour Standings, all three played two rounds today, and all three will be making their way to semifinals tomorrow. These players are all playing the Tour Championship because others were unable to attend, now they are guaranteed a substantial paycheck due to their performance today. Michael Johansen indicated earlier this week during practice that he has played well over 10,000 rounds on this course. It shows through his consistent under-par performance today. Zach Melton and Paul Oman are both known for their woods golf skills, and Oman commented after the round today that Hornets Nest really suits his game. All three players will be playing at 12:30 PM ET tomorrow, joined by one player from the second card.

The second card for the quarterfinals round today included Colten Montgomery, Chris Dickerson, Philo Brathwaite, and Brian Earhart. Yet again, three of the players from this card will move on to semifinals. Colten Montgomery will round out the 12:30 PM ET card based on his Tour Standings finish. Chris Dickerson and Philo Brathwaite will join the other two players advancing from the quarterfinals round on the 12:50 PM ET card.

The third and fourth card for quarterfinals today featured players who had been able to secure a bye to the quarterfinals based on their Tour Standings. These players played their first round of the tournament this afternoon, for six of them, it was their only round. Only one player from the third and fourth cards advanced. Nate Perkins advanced from the third card on the Tour Points tie-breaker with Big Jerm coming up on the short end of the tie-breaking decision. On the fourth card, Drew Gibson was able to card a seven-under performance to advance.

Tomorrow will also feature two cards of semifinal players who earned a bye based on their top performances across the season. These players will be playing their first competitive round of the Tour Championship and will be looking to cool down the hot hands of those players who played two rounds today to advance to the second day of competition.

At 1:10 PM ET will be Calvin Heimburg, Adam Hammes, Alex Russell, and Chris Clemons. At 1:30 PM ET will be Simon Lizotte, Kevin Jones, Garret Gurthie, and James Conrad. We will be live at 1:30 PM ET with coverage bouncing around each card, so make plans to tune in and watch live!