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2019 Venue Review: Memorial Championship

By Baker Helton
Eight months ago, the 2019 Disc Golf Pro Tour season kicked off at The Memorial Championship presented by Discraft. The Memorial has served as the start of the season for the Disc Golf Pro Tour since 2017. The Memorial will return for that role in 2020. As we look back at the year, we will be highlighting stats and our venues over the next few weeks.

The Memorial Championship was in its 31st in 2019. It featured two courses, the picturesque Fountain Hills and the extended Vista Del Camino layout. This year featured playing Fountain Hills first and Vista Del Camino second, avoiding a flip-flop between the courses.

The purse for this event was $53,338. With 183 MPO and 32 FPO players, the field increased in size by one MPO player and six FPO players over the previous year.

This year saw Eveliina Salonen take home the win in the FPO division, becoming the first European Champion of The Memorial for FPO. On the MPO side, Eagle McMahon finished just ahead of Simon Lizotte, flipping the finish from the previous year.

The Memorial Championship provides an exciting starting ground for the Disc Golf Pro Tour season. It features many highly rated rounds such as Eagle and Simon’s first round this year, or McBeth’s 1132 rated 39 at Fountain in 2013. We are looking forward to kicking off the 2020 season with The Memorial February 27-March 1.

To commemorate the 2019 Memorial, just like we have in previous years, we will have a Memorial Championship venue card in the 2020 Disc Golf Pro Tour Trading Card pack. You can guarantee receiving a venue card when you purchase an all card exclusive pack. Grab yours today .