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Disc Golf Network’s European Open Coverage: Everything You Need To Know

By Charles McCracken

By: Disc Golf Network Staff – email with any questions!

More Coverage Than Ever at the European Open – all content included for Disc Golf Network subscribers

Get ready to dive deep into the details of the Disc Golf Network’s unique media coverage of the 2023 European Open. With insights on novel media distribution plans, exclusive partnerships, and enhanced access for subscribers, we answer all your questions ahead of the biggest disc golf event in Europe later this summer. Let’s tee off!

Paul McBeth tees on hole two at the 2022 European Open. Photo: DGPT

Q: What makes Disc Golf Network’s coverage of the European Open different than an average weekend during the season? 

A: Every year, the Disc Golf Network works closely with tournament organizers to secure broadcasting rights for the European Open. These rights reflect the immense effort put into organizing the event and the storied history of Europe’s first-ever PDGA Pro Major. Thus, they are quite expensive. This same process occurs each year for the United States Disc Golf Championship (USDGC). Both the European Open and the USDGC are unique because of these media rights deals, and thus the media distribution plan looks a bit different for these two events compared to a standard weekend on Tour.  

If you’re unfamiliar, media rights for sports events refer to the permissions or licenses that broadcasters (Disc Golf Network) buy from sports organizations (European Open, USDGC) to air or distribute their events. Think of it as buying a ticket to watch a tournament, but instead of just one person, you’re buying the ticket for potentially millions of viewers who would watch it on their screens at home or on their mobile devices. 

Inherent in the media rights purchase is the collaborative development of a media distribution plan that is approved by both the European Open team and the Disc Golf Network. The European Open media distribution plan prioritizes live broadcasting but also provides additional post-pro coverage options and bonus content for fans, all exclusively on the Disc Golf Network platform. 

Q: What’s new with European Open coverage this year? 

A: Big news! If you’re a Disc Golf Network subscriber, you won’t have to purchase any sort of pay-per-view package to enjoy the European Open this year! Also new to the European Open coverage package this year is a feature hole broadcast that will take place on a separate stream and showcase the entire field tackling the most compelling holes. Finally, the Disc Golf Network is providing double the post-production coverage this year! JomezPro will produce both MPO and FPO lead card post-pro coverage, and MDG Media is coming on board to handle the MPO and FPO chase cards. Read more below on where and when you can watch post-pro coverage of the European Open. 

Q: Do I have to purchase a pay-per-view package to watch the European Open if I am a Disc Golf Network subscriber? 

A: No! The Disc Golf Network subscription includes all 2023 European Open content (both live and post-pro). A stand-alone all-access pay-per-view package (both live and post-pro content) is available for $24.99 for those not wanting to subscribe. If you are a subscriber, do not buy the pay-per-view package! The easiest and least expensive way to watch all European Open coverage is to subscribe today. PDGA members can enjoy a 50% discount on the monthly subscription option.

Paige Pierce launches a backhand hyzer at the 2022 European Open. Photo: DGPT

Q: Where and when can I watch European Open post-production coverage? 

A: For both the MPO and FPO divisions, lead card post-pro coverage will be produced by JomezPro! This year is the first time the JomezPro team will be able to cover the European Open, thanks to their deepened partnership with the DGPT & the Disc Golf Network. For the MPO and FPO chase cards, MDG Media will cover post-pro media and release it on DGN on a slight delay as compared to the standard next day release schedule. Compared to 2022, where post-pro content was limited to the lead card, fans can look forward to double the coverage this year! 

All post-pro coverage will be exclusively available on the Disc Golf Network during the tournament but will be released on the JomezPro & MDG Media YouTube channels starting August 8. Last year, there was a 30-day delay for post-production content on YouTube, but this year the delay has been reduced by nearly half to 16 days.

The European Open and the USDGC are unique events where media distribution is exclusive to the Disc Golf Network during the tournament itself. See the top of this article for more detail on why. 

Q: Does this mean that regular weekly JomezPro coverage will be behind the Disc Golf Network paywall now? 

A: No! JomezPro coverage of the European Open is a special event made possible by the Disc Golf Network. As announced earlier this year, coverage of DGPT Elite Events, DGPT Playoffs, and select PDGA Pro Majors (PDGA Pro World Championships, and the USWDGC) will continue to be available the next day for free on the JomezPro YouTube channel. 

While JomezPro was not originally scheduled to produce coverage of the European Open, they are now able to thanks to a deepened partnership with with the Disc Golf Network. DGN handled all post-pro at the 2022 European Open but is thrilled to hand the reigns to JomezPro this year to deliver industry leading coverage of the biggest event in Europe. Subscribe to Disc Golf Network to watch next-day post-pro coverage for this event. Then, look forward to your regularly scheduled next-day lead card MPO and FPO coverage on YouTube from JomezPro on the Disc Golf Pro Tour.

Niklas Anttila putts on hole 18 at the 2022 European Open. Photo: DGPT

Q: What is the live coverage schedule for the European Open this year?

A: Live coverage of the Presidents Cup and the European Open will be available exclusively on the Disc Golf Network. With the exception of pre-game Tournament Central live broadcasts, no live coverage will be available on YouTube. The broadcast schedule will follow the typical flow of FPO playing in the morning and MPO playing in the afternoon. See the projected broadcast schedule below for more information. Grab some coffee and stay up late to watch FPO to catch all the action! 

Presidents Cup Live Broadcasts

Two nine hole loops with analysis from Tournament Central in the middle 

Date Singular Boradcast 
Wednesday (7-19) 1:30 PM EEST | 6:30 AM EDT

European Open Live Broadcasts

Coverage begins with Tournament Central. Lead card tees 1 hr after the broadcast starts.

Date FPO Broadcast MPO Broadcast 
Thursday (7-20) – Sunday (7-23) 8:30 AM EEST | 1:30 AM EDT 2:30 PM EEST | 7:30 AM EDT

MPO broadcast times were adjusted 1 hr earlier on 7.5.23. The times above (2:30 PM EEST | 7:30 AM EDT) are the current broadcast times.

Q: What is the Presidents Cup? Do I have to pay extra to watch it? 

A: The Presidents Cup is a prestigious team-based exhibition event that takes place in conjunction with the European Open each year. The 2023 Presidents Cup will take place on Wednesday, July 19. This event pits the United States and Europe against one another via nine holes of singles stroke play followed by nine holes of singles match play. Both stroke play and match play results earn points for each team. The team with the most points after the end of both rounds is the winner! Read more about the format and watch on the Disc Golf Network!

There is no additional cost to view the President’s Cup beyond the normal subscription / PPV price (included in both).

Q: In total, what is included in the European Open content slate? 

A: All of the content below is included in both the Disc Golf Network Subscription and the stand-alone pay-per-view package available as a secondary option for non-subscribers. 

Content Description Number of Videos Estimated Total Viewing Hours
Presidents Cup Live Boradcast 1 (singular broadcast) 3.5 hrs
Live Tournament Converage  Broadcasts (rounds 1-4) (includes Tournament Central) 4 (1 for each round, runs all day) 40 hrs
Feature Hole Broadcasts (rounds 1-4) 8 (4 each for MPO and FPO) 32 hrs
Lead Card Post-Produced Coverage from JomezPro 16 (8 each for MPO and FPO, front and back nine) 11 hrs
Chase Card Post-Produced Coverage from MDG Media 16 (8 each for MPO and FPO, front and back nine) 11 hrs
OTB Tour Series Skins from GK Pro 2 (front and back nine) 1.5 hrs
TOTALS 47 total pieces of content 99 hrs of disc golf action! 


This is the most ambitious and wide-ranging content plan that the Disc Golf Network has ever delivered. Subscribe today and get access to complete coverage for one of the biggest and most prestigious events in the world!

Q: What should I do if I have more questions? 

A: We’re happy to answer your questions. Email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.