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Electrifying Finish on Tap – PCS Open Round 2 Recap

By Nick Quargnenti

2023 PDGA EuroTour – DGPT Elite — PCS Open 2023

Saturday, July 15, 2023 – 02:55

Photos by Mauri Levandi / DGPT

Silver Lätt told us on the course that Kristin Tattar felt confident on the green after taking up her broken-in putters, and an 88% in C1X putting proves that it is so! If we add to this a 76% success rate in fairway hits, we get the best card of the day, a 4-under that leads the provisional leadership after the second day of this PDGA Euro Tour – DGPT Elite — PCS Open presented by Innova.


Complicated day for the Finns. Round 1 leader, Eveliina Salonen, lost one place after an irregular day in which the powerful drives she showed yesterday did not land in the fairway that often, which together with the difficulty of the scramble game on this course makes her have to settle for a three-over par. Heidi Laine, who dropped two places, will play tomorrow from the chase card while Henna Blomroos played an extremely variable round, capable of scoring an 11 on the 12th hole to delight us with an eagle on the next one!

The American Missy Gannon, who was co-leading the tournament on the 16th hole and whose over-aggressiveness on the 18th hole cost her a double bogey, is now only two strokes away from victory and comments that the wind, which began to blow today, may benefit players with better knowledge of their discs.

And if yesterday we talked about how Hjalmar Fredriksson’s 15 years do not prevent him from playing one-on-one with the greatest, today we have another example in the women’s category! Also 15 years old, the Norwegian Ida Emilie Nesse will play on the leader board with some of the best in the world! Don’t miss her interview on the PDGA EuroTour Facebook page; these kids have no respect for their elders!

As if it were a 100-meter sprint, two of yesterday’s leaders, James Proctor and Calvin Heimburg, continue to maintain a blistering 9-under pace to continue to share the lead with a final day that promises to be electrifying!

Calvin bogeyed again as he did yesterday on the very tricky 12th hole, which is playing at 1.3 strokes over par with a wooded start to turn 90º and face a second part with a far and downhill island, but avoided a repeat of his missed approach on the 18th.


James continues to play extremely solid; in fact, he is the only player who has not had any red marks on his card, and, after what he showed in Skellefteå he moves up in the betting for the final title to place himself on the same level as the three “untouchables”.

The one who sneaks into the lead card from the sixth card (they are making it harder and harder for the DGN producers to have cameras on the “hot rounds”) is Aaron Gossage, who raises the bar to 10-under (with a brilliant round rating of 1079) to place himself just four strokes off the lead.

Paul McBeth delivered again, although an unexpected bogey going long on the first tee plus another on the long 15th made him lose two strokes, so that everything remains to be decided.

And the last one who, in theory and with a four-stroke disadvantage, should be fighting for the Viking axe tomorrow is Eagle McMahon, who was leading the tournament on the front nine thanks to his two consecutive turkeys but who had a bad streak between holes9 and 12.

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