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A Perfect 300: 2018 Disc Golf Pro Tour FPO Standings Recap

The first three events of the 2018 Disc Golf Pro Tour is in the books. With The Memorial, W.A.C.O., and JBO behind us we can now review the current Pro Tour Standings and discuss what to
look for moving into the next three events on tour. As a quick refresher, the top fifty players in both the MPO and FPO divisions receive points a scale where the first place winner receives 100 points and 50th place receives 2 points. Every player after 50th place receives one point. The best seven of nine events are counted. The complete points structure may be viewed here .
The 2018 Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship will feature the top 12 in FPO standings. Those who finish 5th thru 12th will compete in the quarterfinals where the top four scores from the quarterfinals round will advance to the semifinals to play along with the top four in tour standings. While one player currently sits atop the standings – due to a highly competitive field in many ways the FPO standings are more exciting to watch across the season than the MPO standings.
After three events Paige Pierce sits atop the FPO standings with a perfect 300 score. She has finished in first at the first three events and does not look to letup any time soon. A quick look at Udisc however tells us that Paige currently is not registered for Utah, DGLO, Idlewild, or Ledgestone. While players drop two of their nine events, should Paige opt to not play all four it could result in a sub 700 standings finish that could result in her not taking first in the standings. While this does not seem likely given her current pace, this is a possibility.
As for the rest of the standings, it is still any woman’s game. After the Jonesboro Open Sarah Hokom was able to move into second place in the standings, passing up Lisa Fajkus who had owned the second place spot previously. Currently only ten points separate the two and given how both of them often finish in the top five we could see them battling for the second place spot all season.
Sitting only two points apart from each other in standings are Jessica Weese and Catrina Allen . Jessica Weese currently holds the lead, which places her in the top four in 2018 Tour Points standings. While Catrina has not made it onto the podium yet this season, she has consistently finished within the top six at each stop so far. It is clear both Catrina and Jessica are set on reaching the championship and it will be a battle to see if either or both of them can claim a bye to the semi-finals.
Other players who are currently in the running to be qualified for the 2018 Pro Tour Championship presented by Prodigy Disc include Rebecca Cox , Ellen Widboom , Jennifer Allen , Madison Walker , Kona Star Panis , Pixie Cannon , and Kristina Gold . Each has a shot at finishing in the top 12. Below we delve a bit deeper into a few of their stories.

  • Rebecca Cox is quickly showing why she is a name you should remember on tour this year. After winning the fan vote at W.A.C.O. Rebecca has finished in the top six in both the Texas event and at Jonesboro.
  • Jennifer Allen has made the most of her two Pro Tour showings this season by finishing tied for fourth at Memorial and tied for second at Jonesboro. Currently Jennifer is not signed up for another Pro Tour event this season, but do not be surprised if we see her again at another event or two this season.
  • Madison Walker has returned from her injury and showed at Jonesboro that even a Florida pro can hang in the snow. Madison will definitely be a player to watch across the season as she has the potential to continue to land top five finishes that could possibly result in a semifinals bye at the end of the season.
  • Kona finished top ten at The Memorial to start the season, but was not sure how many Pro Tour events she would end up making this season. However, after seeing how she stacked up against the other touring Pros Kona decided to give the tour life a shot and is now looking to secure a spot in the 2018 Pro Tour Championship. With another top ten finish at Jonesboro she is well on her way.
  • If you do not know who Ellen Widboom is, you do now and you should take note. Ellen decided to tour full time this year and has what it takes to finish at the top of the leaderboard. Ellen currently is seventh in overall tour point standings and has not finished outside the top ten across the first three stops. She is gunning for a spot on the lead card and before the end of the season it is quite possible she will be there.

There are quite a few notable FPO players who are on the outside looking in at this point. Valarie Jenkins , Paige Bjerkaas , and Holly Finley are all registered for multiple events in the second half of the tour and could put together top finishes to land them in the hunt for a Championship berth.
It is clear there is a close race in the FPO standings for the 2018 Disc Golf Pro Tour. You will not want to miss out on the action when we pick back up May 25-27th at the San Francisco Open. Live coverage will start each day at 5pm ET. Make plans to watch