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A Tale of Two Ulis

For Paul Ulibarri , the Jonesboro Open was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Let’s walk through Ulibarri’s tournament page and review the highlights and
lowlights of his four rounds on the Disc Side of Heaven course.
Player pages on UDisc Live have detailed hole-by-hole scoring and stats along with rankings against the field. The first section for a tournament shows final position along with round scores. We can see Paul started slowly in the first round and carded significantly better scores in rounds 2-4.  The stats help to draw a picture of how Paul fared through 72 holes at the Disc Side of Heaven course in Jonesboro.

Tournament Stats The second section for a player’s tournament page charts their stats for the full tournament and all players with stats are ranked across 9 categories. If you are using a desktop web browser you can also hover over the charts to see the exact numbers, if you are on mobile you’ll need to scroll down for the numbers.

The Best of Times
Ulibarri topped the charts in 3 of the 4 driving categories, ranking first in fairway hits, parked percentage, and circle 2 in regulation. Of the 72 holes played, Paul had a tap in birdie 24 times (3 more holes then Simon Lizotte, and well over double the tournament average of 10).
Ulibarri was deadly once he was inside 10m, making 72 of 76 putts from Circle 1 and ranking in first place for the tournament.

The Worst of Times
Ulibarri’s scramble rate was 51st out of the 51 players ranked – dead last. Paul had the fewest opportunities for scrambling since he made Circle 2 in regulation on 79% of holes, but when he missed he carded a bogey two-thirds of the time. Scrambles matter!
Paul was 47th in OB Rate with .097 (if you want to see who got last go to the stats page for the tournament and sort by OB Rate). OB is shown as a rate and not a percentage since a rate above 1.0 is possible (and happened at Ledgestone last year). Paul went OB about once per 10 holes, and if we multiply .097 by 18, Paul averaged 1.57 OB strokes per round.
Ulibarri missed every putt from Circle 2 (0 for 29) and finished last (5 other players had 0%).

Scorecards After the tournament level scores and stats, the player pages show the detailed stats scorecards for each round. Ulibarri struggled to start the tournament, carding more bogeys and more penalties in round 1 than the next three rounds combined.

Detailed Stats The final section of the player tournament page has a detailed table of all the stats by round. This allows easy comparison of stats by round for a full tournament.
One stat on the table I haven’t mentioned before is Circle 2/Circle 1 Before Regulation. This stat tracks eagle opportunities. Ulibarri had a Circle 2 putt for Eagle three times at the Jonesboro Open (all on hole 16) but was unable to convert and had to settle for a drop in birdie.

Thanks again to all the scoring volunteers and players tracking scores and powering all the stats. And a special thank you to Paul Ulibarri for keeping score for his card on 3 of the 4 rounds, painting a full picture of his performance. Thanks Paul!