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Ace, Birdies, and Bogeys from Round Three of the Vibram Open

If you haven’t heard, Gregg Barsby canned (literally) an ace today on the raised
Tempercraft basket of hole 5. He came in over the water and landed solidly inside the basket. Barsby mixed his ace with seven birdies to keep him tied for the lead going into the final round.
We skip straight to birdies due to a lack of eagles during round three. The lead story regarding birdies is Ricky Wysocki. With eleven of them he has the hot round for the tournament. Second with birdies was Nate Sexton. He had eight birdies today and no bogies. It should be an exciting finish with both of these on the lead card tomorrow.
Over the in FPO division Val Jenkins impressed again with five birdies and only one bogey. Her four down day was the best round for the FPO division but actually not the most birdies. The most birdies goes to Jessica Weese at seven. While she offset those birdies with bogeys, they were enough to get her on the lead card for the final round tomorrow.
There were plenty of bogeys out on at the Maple Hill course this weekend, but there were a few which were really difficult to watch. The top of that list was Barsby’s bogey on hole 17. Going into 17 Barsby had a shot at owning the lead and the bogey ultimately led to him ending the day tied with Ricky.
In the FPO division it wasn’t one bogey as much as it was multiple bogeys for Catrina Allen which gave her fits. The roughest were holes two through five where Catrina went birdie-bogey-birdie-bogey. Catrina was ultimately able to keep it together and will still be on the lead card in the morning.
Double Bogeys
On hole nine today Nicholas Masters had a decent drive which gave him a look at the basket. After throwing a sidearm short he was able to put his third shot on the green for a four. Then he whiffed the putt wide right and carded a double bogey.
In the FPO division Paige Pierce was ready to turn it on for the back nine but on hole thirteen she missed the basket and rolled down the hill, her next putt she also missed the basket and rolled. Her putt for four hit the basket and she finally made the double-bogey.
That right there is the good, the bad, and the ugly for round three here at the Vibram Open. Check out more of the scores over at Udisc Live . Make sure you tune in to watch the finale here at Maple Hill tomorrow at 3pm ET .