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All-Star Weekend Explainer

By Baker Helton

The Second Annual Disc Golf Pro Tour All-Star weekend is underway and we are excited to debut an adjusted format from year one which sees players split into two teams in both the MPO and FPO division.

The weekend began on Thursday night with a draft.  Team captains drafted players for their teams via snake draft and immediately had to determine where in the skills competition they would be placed. Below we list the teams and the areas they will be competing in during the skills competition.

Skills Competition Breakdown
Each player will start their station and have no more than 6 and half minutes to complete the putting challenge. The teams will rotate their players. The overall cumulative point totals from each team will be used to determine which team will earn the putting point for their overall weekend score.
6 Stations Points Putts
20 footer (elevated basket) 1 pt 5
25 footer 1 pt 5
25 footer (obstructed to force straddle) 2 pt 5
33 footer 2 pt 5
33 footer (obstructed, elevated basket) 3 pt 5
45 footer 3 pt 5
Bonus Station – 66 footer 5 pts 1
Each player gets 3 throws at 5 different stations. Players get points for each throw based on the points system.
Winners are determined by most points when all 5 stations are totaled and for teams, both players’ scores are added.
All players throw their 3 shots and rotate through each station before moving to the next station.
Points System: Make (5 pts), Bullseye (3 pts), C1 (2 pts), C2 (1pt), outside C2 (0 pts)
5 Throw Types Points Throws
Mando Right (force RHFH or RHBH anhyzer) Add totals per point system 3
Mando Left (force RHBH or RHFH anyhzer) Add totals per point system 3
Mandos Right and Left (force straight shot) Add totals per point system 3
Mando Low (force overhand shot, grenade, spike hyzer, etc) Add totals per point system 3
Mando High (force roller) Add totals per point system 3
Distance Max D Throws
Keep Biggest Throw, per player Max D wins, both teammates add the longest throw together 6
Each individual winner gets $250 added onto their winnings at the end of the week!
Doubles Competition
Going into Saturday the team captains will create three doubles teams each for head-to-head competition based on combined seeding. Pairs are seeded by the lowest seed after both the player’s individual seeds are combined. Doubles pairs play the pair on the opposing team with the corresponding seed. Doubles teams play best disc, stroke play, lowest total score wins. The winner of each match will gain an additional point for their team. Stay tuned for the release of the pairings on Saturday morning!
Singles Competition
The singles competition will be the final opportunity for each of the teams to score points on the weekend. Players from each team will be matched up via seed with the lowest score of each pairing earning their respective team a point. The player with the lowest score in each division will see a bonus added to their winnings at the end of the week!
We are excited for our Second Annual All-Star Weekend presented by Discraft. The Pusch Ridge Golf Course in Oro Valley at Hilton’s El Conquistador Resort is playing a great host to the event this weekend. There is still time to purchase tickets: All-Star Weekend – Disc Golf Pro Tour ( and you can watch all of the action live on the Disc Golf Network!

The Skills Competition begins Friday at 1 PM MT/3 PM ET with FPO and then 4 PM MT/6 PM ET for MPO

The Doubles Competition begins Saturday at 8 AM MT/10 AM ET for FPO and then 12 PM MT/2 PM ET for MPO
The Singles Competition begins Sunday at 8 AM MT/10 AM ET for FPO and then 12 PM MT/2 PM ET for MPO