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Become a Touring Pro: Tour Pass, NextGen, & Bootstraps

We often get asked, “How can I become a touring pro?”
Besides the snarky, “Practice putting. A lot.”, there is a real answer. It is
genuinely fun as we watch a road map develop. Over time it will become more clear, but for now it is a little muddy. There are three paths to getting your Pro Tour Card. Each of these paths ends with the player qualifying for the Tour Championship. Once a player has qualified for the Tour Championship, they are considered a Touring Pro, they will get early access to register for the DGPT events, they will earn a DGPT Trading Card, and there will opportunities for the player to grow their brand through DGPT media.
There is not currently a written test to be a Touring Pro.
Path 1: The Tour Pass
During the Tour Championship through the end of October (10/19-10/31), players will be able to purchase the DGPT Tour Pass. This pass earns you entry into all of the events. There are no refunds, but there are small discounts off the overall price of registration. At each stop you have an opportunity to earn Tour Points. The more Tour Points you earn, the better your chances at qualifying for the Tour Championship.
Path 2: Next Generation Tour
The Next Generation is an amateur series of events designed to build to a season ending tournament, known as The Dance. The top five men and the top woman will earn the right to sign up to every Pro Tour event early, just like the touring pros. They have not yet earned full Touring Pro status but they have earned the right to give it a good run the following year. The Next Generation Tour has nine regional championships that lead to the National Championship in Scottsdale, AZ in November.
Path 3: Bootstraps
There is a third path which would entail playing in as many events as you can and trying to earn the points via every event you can get in. It is not impossible. Come on out and give your dream a chance.
We look forward to seeing you on the course, thrilling us, finding your way onto the leader boards, and earning your way onto the Pro Tour. Once you make it, we will give you a nice stack of trading cards for Christmas. And you’ll be on them.