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Eyeballs Gotten, Partners Wanted

Three events into the 2018 Disc Golf Pro Tour season, one thing is certain – people are watching disc golf (see Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow )
The growth rate of our viewership/following on YouTube/Instagram is phenomenal. We are averaging 1,000 new YouTube Subscribers and Instagram Followers a month. This growth is trickling into our website and email list as well. What does this mean? The Disc Golf Pro Tour has a growing audience of captivated individuals. In today’s business world, people know that captive eyes are the best place to promote a business or product.

Become a DGPT Partner
With seven events left and the amazing growth rate that has been demonstrated, now is the perfect time to create a partnership with the Pro Tour. We have several spaces available for businesses that wish to capitalize. Please email Sean Jack, our VP of Partnerships , to see how we can work together.

  • Event Articles & Recap Partner
  • Podcast Partner
  • Circle Zero Partners (we can customize a segment to fit your brand)
  • Women’s Coverage Partners
  • Chase Card Coverage Partner
  • Water Station Partner
  • Event Preview/Highlight Video Partner

We can fit your budget and your goals.

Event Articles & Recap Partner
Each article on the Pro Tour site averages between 500-1000 views. We create three articles a day, across three days which equals nine articles. We also produce three preview articles which see the same amount of average views. This partnership would include the partner name in the title of the article and partner name and logo at the top of each article. These articles are shared on our social media sites and at times included in partner newsletters such as the PDGA netting additional visibility.
Estimated Impressions:

  • 42,000-147,000

Podcast Partner
Pro Tour Talk with Steve Dodge is a weekly podcast that features updates on the Pro Tour as well as special guests. It is an hour long show and has the opportunity for two thirty second ad spots for each show.
Estimated listeners:

  • 1,500 on YT
  • 1,000 on podcast per week

Circle Zero Partners
The Circle Zero show leads people into the live broadcast at each event. It takes place for 15 minutes before the start of the lead card and is one of the most viewed parts of our live stream. This is a flexible partnership where we can collaborate on a segment spot sponsored by your company. Each sponsored spot is followed by a 30 second commercial by the presenting partner.