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Chris Dickerson – DGPT Championship Spotlight

Chris Dickerson only played four Pro Tour events before the Championships this year. Not enough points to earn him a bye but enough to get him an invite to Florida. He was the only player in the finals to have played all three previous rounds. Some folks would call it an advantage. More play equals more comfort on the course under the pressure of making every round count. After getting out for just one lap on the 10,000′ plus beast, let alone my arm, my body was cooked and the last thing I wanted to do was play three more rounds. Don’t get me wrong, New World is a total gem of a course…if you’ve got a smooth 450-500 you can throw over 20 times a round. Lastly, if you think that somehow the guys with byes had it worse, trying telling that to Andrew Presnell, who was bumped out on the bubble Day 1 by Simon Lizotte. Whether it’s byes or railroad ties, the truth is that Chris Dickerson outplayed the best in the world four days in a row. And that’s what we’re going to celebrate here. If you haven’t watched it yet, just start here:
​Not only is it clear that Chris is playing phenomenal disc golf, if you look at his stat’s you’ll see the devils in the detail. Comparing his Pro Tour Season Stats to his Pro Tour Championship stats you’ll see that he outperforms his record in every category. In some cases by only 1 or 2 percent, but in others by a handful or two. That handful or two is important though. Fall just a couple throws back of his play and his run might have been cut short early. His -10 in round one was seven better than the cut, in round 2, it was only 4 better than the cut, and in round 3, when the wildcard spot went for a hefty price of 10 under par to Kevin Jones, Chris’s -13 was only three ahead.

So Dickerson is playing better, big deal. Yea, exactly, it is a big deal, Chris Dickerson is on one of the most relentless charges of improving play and until just a week ago he’s done it pretty quietly as far as the national scene is concerned. If you’re down south you probably just know Chris as the guy collecting your entry fee at every tournament you see him. With this first big signature win, it’s a good omen that that greatness won’t be to restricted geographically any more. He and his wife have already bought a camper and will be making a number of shorter touring trips when the tour moves to the Midwest, East Coast and eventually back down south.

Before I leave you to get back to watching each and every round that Chris slayed just think about this little factoid. There was only one player that carded fewer bogey throws than Chris that made it to the finals. That was Ricky Wysocki who carded three bogeys in two rounds. Dickerson only carded 5 in four rounds. Everybody else on the lead card picked up at least as many in half the rounds. That’s just silly. Oh yea, and he only missed three putts inside the circle during those four rounds. That’s just bananas. With all this growth in his game, the question we should now be asking isn’t if he’ll be number 1 but when?

Article written by Staff Editor & Writer Zach Podhorzer .