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DGLO Day Three Recap: A Celebration of the Culture of the Disc in Michigan

If you have been following the Disc Golf Pro Tour this weekend, you can probably tell there was something special about what was happening at the Toboggan course. On day one the gallery was one of the largest of the season and rivaled some of the largest galleries to grace a Disc Golf Pro Tour event. The disc golfers in Michigan were craving a tournament with the top pros and Discraft’s Great Lakes Open did not disappoint.
From day one the staff of the DGLO and the gallery that followed the players helped set the tone of the atmosphere surrounding the tournament. At the end of day one DGLO hosted their player’s party. The player’s party included a special release from Discraft, a special brewery release, and the opportunity to win prizes playing Discraft’s pendulum putting. The player’s and their friends showed up in full force and truly helped set the tone for the rest of the week.

On Saturday, the gallery grew, and with it the excitement and anticipation. In the FPO division, Sarah Hokom shot the hot round for the tournament and set a new course record for the FPO field. On the MPO side, the gallery grew, and continued to grow, as news spread of the record-breaking round happening on the lead card. With every cheer, the atmosphere became more electric, and it was clear, this is why we are here. The Disc Golf Pro Tour exists to put the top professionals on display, and the Toboggan course created a high pedestal on which to display their game. When Paul McBeth hit his birdie putt on hole eighteen from circle two, the cheers were almost deafening.

Once the MPO round finished, the Festival of the Flying Disc was in full swing. Players and fans alike were partaking in the Axiom Discs Speed Range, DGA Disc-Tac-Toe, MVP Portal Putting, Discraft Pendulum Putting, and Dynamic Discs Mini-Recruit Pyramid. As the play went into the evening, people continued to comment on how unique Discraft’s Great Lakes Open had been. However, we still had one day left.

During the final round of play, the story in the FPO division was on second place. Paige Bjerkaas and Jessica Weese battled throughout the day to see who would finish in second. On the MPO side, the story came from the chase card, where local favorite Willie Prince started the day pushing Paul McBeth’s record-setting round. At both the chase card and the lead card the galleries were ecstatic with every parked drive and every long putt. By the time the players had holed out on 18, it was clear, Discraft’s Great Lakes Open, and the Toboggan course truly was a weekend celebration of the culture of the disc.

It is with full sails that we continue to the Idlewild Open July 20-22nd. Make plans to watch, because things are starting to heat up on the Disc Golf Pro Tour and you will not want to miss it!