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DGLO Day Two MPO Recap: McBeast tames the Toboggan

It is not too often you have the opportunity to be front row to one of the best rounds ever played. People talk about where they were when events happen. In disc golf, people will be talking about where they were when Paul McBeth went -18 at Toboggan.
Today, the gallery started forming early, and by the time the lead card was on hole six, it easily rivaled some of the best galleries in the sport. With each birdie McBeth made the crowd grew, and the murmurs spread. Can he keep this up? The talk grew as the lead card had a backup on Holes 15, 16, and 17 to finish out the round. On the fairway of Hole 16, Paul’s cardmates began discussing his round with him. Was he going to try to finish it out? Time would show that Paul had every intention of finishing the round as close to perfect as possible. Paul’s only misstep today was hole 10, and it occurred with a slip. After the round, Paul indicated he did not get the traction, he expected on the tee of hole 10, and that is what kept him from getting the birdie. When he made it to his lie, he decided to play it safe for the par, instead of running for the birdie. Paul felt like getting the par and staying -10 thru 10 was more important than running for birdie and possibly taking a bogey. Paul was able to maintain his birdie streak throughout the round by making it inside circle one on all but one, five, nine, ten, and eighteen. Paul needed four circle two putts (outside of the par on hole 10) to get to his -18. Paul finished his round with a 100% scramble, circle one, and circle two rate. That is what it takes to card an -18.

When talking with Paul after the round, I asked him if he felt like he could rank some of his best rounds (Memorial, Vibram, and today). He felt like due to how long ago the other rounds were that each round stood independently. He does feel like this course is the longest of the three which makes this round feel extra special. Paul said the one thing that stood out today was that “everything was going right, outside of a slip on hole ten, everything felt good.” When recounting the round, Paul said when he stepped up on hole eighteen “I thought, this is for the World Championship. No one wants to see an almost perfect round…I had to make it.” And make it he did. Almost effortlessly the putt went over the edge of the basket and into the chains. The crowd went wild.

After talking about the win itself, I talked with Paul about how the course ranked among the other courses on tour. As with most of our pros on tour, Paul has a crazy travel schedule. He will be leaving from Discraft’s Great Lakes Open to fly over to Europe for the Konopiště Open. Paul said he felt like the Toboggan course and the course in Konopiště are very similar. Paul indicated he now has extra confidence going into Konopiště because of his performance today.

As soon as the round ended Paul said, “Can the tournament be over now?” indicating he did not feel like he could top today’s round, but we all know he is going to try. You can watch all of the final round action tomorrow starting at 3:15 PM ET on the Disc Golf Pro Tour YouTube channel . Make sure to share the link with your friends because if Paul’s round was any indicator of how tomorrow is going to be, this would be a final round you will not want to miss.