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DGLO MPO Preview: Elevating the playing field

The Midwest is excited for the arrival of the Disc Golf Pro Tour.

As a premier course in the country, the Toboggan Disc Golf Course has hosted many amazing tournaments. But with events like USADGC, most noteworthy tournaments have only been open to true amateurs. The Toboggan is in Milford, Michigan.

That has changed.

With the addition of the Great Lakes Open on the Disc Golf Pro Tour, we are going to be seeing some of the best players in the world. They will be tackling one of the sports most historic courses. In fact, there are 46 currently registered players with a rating of more than 1000. So, like Ron Burgundy, this tournament is “kind of a big deal”.

The Course and Conditions

The Toboggan is a par 62. The course measures in at barely over 9,000 feet. There is one par five, a handful of par fours, and the rest part three.

But what this course is famous for is elevation. The way The Toboggan incorporates the landscape is magnificent. Viewers will see rolling hills and massive drives from elevated tees. All slightly obscured by the thick woods surrounding the property.

When watching the coverage, keep in mind that elevation change does not translate well on video. The course is much more intense than it looks!

The weather is also going to be on it’s best behavior this weekend. Sunday will be our hottest day at around 85 degrees, while wind should average well below 10 mph for the event.

The Competitors

As we already mentioned, there is a massive MPO field; there are currently 46 players registered with a rating of 1000 or greater!

The top dog in the field is Paul McBeth. With a difference of 11 rating points between Paul and the next closest competitor, McBeth has his eyes on the prize. If Paul were to win the DGLO, that would be his second Pro Tour win of 2018 (the first being the San Francisco Open ).

Also looking to do well this weekend is Cale Leiviska. After finishing every tournament in the top 10 in 2017, Cale has let off the gas a little bit. But being closer to his home base of Little Canada should increase his comfort level with the course. Expect to see Cale near the top of the leaderboard after each round.

Another player competitor we are excited to see is JonE McCray. McCray is treating us all by playing in the Open field. But with a skill set like McCray’s and a championship mindset to boot, who is surprised?
Feature Card Live coverage of the Great Lakes Open will be produced by SmashboxxTV on the Disc Golf Pro Tour YouTube channel . The live card will feature Paul McBeth (tour points leader), JohnE McCray (fan vote winner), Tim Barham (presenting partner), and Ziggy Bierekoven (last year’s champion).
Post-production coverage of the first round will feature Reid Frescura, Garrett Gurthie, Michael Johansen, and Eric Oakley as well as Ben Calloway, Jeremy Koling, Austin Turner, and Kevin Jones.