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Here’s How To Get The Off-Season FREE on Disc Golf Network

By Charles McCracken

Gear Up for the 2024 Disc Golf Season and get Access to all Off-Season Content for FREE on DGN with this Exclusive Offer!

Attention disc golf enthusiasts! With the 2024 season swiftly approaching, it’s time to ensure you don’t miss out on a single throw, drive, or putt. Disc Golf Network (DGN) is here to keep you in the loop with LIVE coverage from the Disc Golf Pro Tour, PDGA Majors & Euro Tour, and ALL of the upcoming off-season content. You can get 30% off the regular yearly subscription price TODAY and lock in some great off-season content. 

Exclusive Offer for Our Dedicated Fans

At the Disc Golf Network, we’re all about bringing value to you as a subscriber. Here’s the inside scoop on this exclusive deal:


$129.99$90.99 FOR 365 DAYS OF DISC GOLF ACTION

By opting for our yearly subscription right now, you receive a whopping 30% discount. 

Let’s break this down. 

  • 🗓️ The standard off-season is just over three months long 
  • 🎁 By giving you a 30% cut on the annual fee, we’re gifting you all of our premium off-season content, and you don’t pay a dime (see more on this below).
  • 🔄 Then, when the season picks back up again in February, you’ll already have access and can jump right back into the action. 

If you’re currently on our monthly plan and decide to switch to the annual option, or if you’re joining us for the first time with the yearly subscription, you’re locking in this incredible value.

Take advantage of this offer with code OFFSEASONFREE but act fast, this limited-time offer won’t be around for long.

How Do You Grab this Offer?

NOTE: This 30% discount for the annual membership is exclusive. This means it cannot be clubbed with other promotions, like the PDGA membership discount. However, for those seeking an even bigger bang for their buck, joining the PDGA is a fantastic option. As a PDGA member, you are eligible for a whopping 50% off on your monthly membership for an entire year, which is an even better deal than this limited-time offer. Click here to learn more about getting your PDGA member discount applied to your DGN account. 

This discount is only applicable for monthly subscribers converting to a yearly plan or for new yearly subscribers. If you’re already a yearly subscriber, remember that you’re already getting two months free by opting for the annual subscription!

Otherwise, here’s how to take advantage of this offer!

Already Subscribed?

  1. Navigate to 
  2. Click on ‘manage subscriptions’.
    1. Are you a monthly subscriber? Simply switch your account to yearly.
    2. You won’t be charged immediately. The billing takes place at the start of your next billing cycle. You won’t see a charge until your next billing cycle is due. 
  3. After switching your account to yearly, look for the ‘promotions or gift’ menu option in your DGN settings.
  4. Key in the promo code: OFFSEASONFREE. And voila! Enjoy your extended access to thrilling disc golf action.

Ready to join DGN? Welcome Aboard!

  1. Follow this link to our purchase page. 
  2. Choose the yearly subscription option.
  3. Enter OFFSEASONFREE in the “promo code” section.
  4. Complete your purchase by entering in your payment info! 

A Sneak Peek at Disc Golf Network’s Exclusive Off-Season Content

While the disc golf season may be coming up on a short break, the action on DGN certainly isn’t! With your yearly subscription, you’ll be privy to a slew of exclusive content available only during the off-season:

Live Content:

  • Tune in for live coverage of the PDGA Euro Tour Finale from October 20th to 22nd.
  • Don’t miss out on the real-time action at the NADGT finale on November 4th.

Non-Live Content:

  • Rewatch Wednesdays: Dive back into your favorite rounds from the past season and enjoy the thrill alongside your beloved pros.
  • Docuseries: Finding the Lines Season 3: Get an insider’s view with Paul McBeth and Dylan Cease on a new course! Plus, enjoy a spotlight on James Proctor’s experiences throughout the 2023 season in a new episode of “On Tour: The Field.”
  • Plus, get early access to JomezPro’s off-season videos and shows, even before they premiere on YouTube! You’ll have access to a new show with Brian Earhart, be able to travel virtually with Paul McBeth in his Europe Trip Docuseries, watch the BIGGEST arms in the world compete at two distance competitions, and get up and close with celebrities like Ben Askren and Bert Kreischer as they take on your favorite pros. 

More details and release dates will be available soon!

So what are you waiting for? Re-up or join us today and make sure you’re prepared to dive into another thrilling season of disc golf action with DGN! 🥏🔥


Q: I’m paying for DGN through an app store (like Google Play, Roku, Google TV, IOS, etc) and I can’t get the promo code to work. How can I get this discount? 

A: To use your discount code, you need to be subscribed to Disc Golf Network via a web browser. If you signed up for Disc Golf Network through one of our apps on your phone or gaming console, or TV, your discount code will not work, or there won’t be a place for your to apply it. This is because your payment goes through the app’s associated payment processing system, not directly through Disc Golf Network. 


  • If you are subscribed via an app, you’ll need to unsubscribe and resubscribe to Disc Golf Network via a web browser to use your discount code. Go directly to to resubscribe after you’ve canceled your subscription through the app. 

Note: Once you are resubscribed via a browser, you’ll still be able to watch on any of the Disc Golf Network apps by logging in.

Q: What happens if someone is already in the middle of their monthly billing cycle and switches to the yearly plan?

A: You can make this switch and apply the promo code without paying any money that same day. On the next day that your regular billing cycle takes place, you’ll see a charge for $90.99, which is the discounted yearly price!

Q: What happens after the one-year subscription ends?

A: All DGN subscriptions auto-renew based on their billing frequency (monthly v. yearly). So, if you switch over you’ll see another yearly subscription charge 365 days after you’re charged for the yearly subscription. 

Q: I’m a PDGA member looking for information on how to activate my 50% discount on the monthly option. How do I do that? 

A: You can find all of the information you need to activate your discount here

Q: Are there any geographical restrictions for accessing the content? 

A: No!