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DGPT and ZÜCA raise over $4,000 for Breast Cancer Research

During the month of October the Disc Golf Pro Tour teamed up with ZÜCA to raise money for Breast Cancer Research. In order to reach the goal, ZÜCA donated pink framed
carts to be raffled off. Over the course of a month ten Signature Carts were given away. Breast cancer is a serious issue plaguing our world today, and we are hard pressed to find a person who has not been affected by it in one way or another. Below are the notes of support, encouragement, and empathy provided by those who won the carts. We are thankful for each and every person who donated and we look forward to teaming up with Pro Tour partners again in the future to help raise money for great causes.
Ragan – Winner of the 1st Cart
I know what it’s like for someone in the family to go through cancer, not specifically breast cancer as my grandfather had pancreatic cancer, but it affects people all the same as well as their families. If my money can do just the smallest bit to help find a cure or treatment then it was the best money I’ve ever spent. I really wasn’t looking to win in all honesty, I was just trying to help maybe save a life down the road. Don’t get me wrong, I am over the moon that I won and could not have asked for a better charity to have won this from. Thank you.
Aaron – Winner of the 2nd Cart
The reason why I purchased the chits was I’d like to do my part even if it is just donating in hopes of finding a cure for breast cancer. Finding a cure for breast cancer would in turn help find a cure for all forms of cancer. Just a few years ago, my sister-in-law lost her mother to lung cancer and throughout the time she was diagnosed to the time she passed away, she never stopped fighting, and neither should we! I am honored to win the cart and know that my portion is going to a great cause! Thank you DGPT and thank you ZUCA for this amazing chance!
Debbie – Winner of the 3rd Cart
HOLY COW!! I am beyond thrilled to have won a Pink ZUCA! Thank you so much for even having this raffle & consideration of future involvement with Throw Pink.
I am on the Throw Pink team and have worked with Sara Nicholson since the beginning, 2013 to get this program out there! I am currently working on my very first Benefit event. I call it the Throw Pink Challenge. It’s not a tournament, but rather a doubles round where every hole will have its own unique challenge. The participants earn points that they redeem for tickets. These tickets then can be put into mini raffles for the prizes they want. I have donations coming in from all over. Here’s the event webpage:
I am so excited to have won the cart, and it’s PINK!! It would be my honor to have Paul McBeth sign it. (Doesn’t matter where.) In December of 2013, I came down to Florida and conducted a clinic for women and children in the Clearwater area. We had an awesome turnout. And guess who came… that’s right Paul. He wasn’t there to to take over the clinic, to get attention or anything like that. He was there to support a new member of the Innova team and to support growing the sport to women and children. That meant a lot to me, still does.
I will proudly use my new Pink ZUCA in competition, casual play and when I’m doing my clinics. Thank you again ZUCA & DGPT!
Marcus – Winner of the 4th Cart
My daughter Lucy Burks PDGA #70025 is a FJ2, 13 years old and is sponsored by Innova and Throw Pink (she is currently ranked #1 in the world as a FJ2).
We received notification from Sarah Nicholson (co-owner of Throw Pink) that you guys were holding a raffle for breast cancer awareness. So we decided to get some tickets to show support.
I’m also a single father of three girls and found myself an advocate for women in the disc golf community especially with the rise of Lucy’s success.  I’m happy to support Innova, Throw Pink, and the efforts to support women’s health including breast cancer awareness.
On a side note, pink is also my favorite color and almost all of my discs are pink. As well as Lucy’s.
Thanks for the opportunity to help!!!
Gerald – Winner of the 5th & 6th Carts
Thank you. I saw the raffle while watching the tournament on u tube. My wife’s mother had breast cancer so I asked if she wanted some chances. We bought a few and I am thrilled. Looking forward to being harassed by my playing buddies for having a pink cart. Great cause and great sport. Will be playing with it so if “Big Sexy commentary”  Nate and Jeremy could sign an old disc or something and throw it in the bag would be good.  Thanks again.
Kristen – Winner of the 7th Cart
Breast cancer awareness! i love disc golf! The ZUCA carts are pretty sweet!!! I am super excited! There are no words. How can i explain the feeling of jumping and yelling for joy!!!! Thank you!
Brett – Winner of the 8th Cart
I bought this ticket to support breast cancer research and obviously because I’ve wanted a ZUCA for a long time. Thank you DGPT for donating to such a great cause for a raffle! Also thank you to ZUCA!! Amazing!!! I’m so stoked right now!!!!
The 9th and 10th Carts were raffled off to spectators at the Tour Championship in Jacksonville, FL. There was lots of jumping up and down, excitement, picture taking and joy at the thought of both giving and receiving. It was a wonderful capstone to this charity effort coordinated by ZUCA.