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DGPT Announces Partnership with Disc Golf Strong for the 2020 Season

By Baker Helton
Jeffersonville, VT | January 10, 2020 | For Immediate Release

The Disc Golf Pro Tour is proud to announce a partnership with Disc Golf Strong for the 2020 touring season. The central piece of the partnership brings Seth Munsey of Disc Golf Strong on site to each of the 11 DGPT premier events to provide training and medical resources for all professionals competing in the events. Munsey is a former US Coast Guard member, reserve firefighter, EMT, and California State University Fullerton Suma Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Science degree in Kinesiology (Exercise Science) with a focus on strength and conditioning. Disc Golf Strong has provided an outline of the services they will provide below.

Currently the sport of disc golf does not have many training or medical resources available for touring professionals or dedicated onsite athletic support systems. For the professional athletes that compete on the Disc Golf Pro Tour, their body is their business card. If they can’t compete due to an injury, the impact is felt within the sport, the media coverage, the viewers who want to see their favorite athletes compete and the athletes themselves. Warming up properly before a round coupled with continued onsite performance support can lead to both increased athletic performance and lower injury risk. This is a central reason why teams in every major professional sport have strength and conditioning staff onsite and professionals in sports like tennis and golf support their health by hiring independent training professionals. There is a benefit to both the sport and each athlete.

The Disc Golf Pro Tour continues to shape the future of professional disc golf with efforts of this nature heading into 2020. The DGPT aims to use this partnership to set a new standard for professional events with the inclusion of the Disc Golf Strong Athletic Performance Zone to create consistency and peace of mind for pros that this resource will be available at all 11 premier events.

In addition to the onsite activation, the partnership includes the production of media content related to disc golf training for all those folks who follow DGPT media as well as Disc Golf Strong clinics that will be open to more than just touring professionals! Of course, if disc golfers are interested in learning more about Disc Golf Strong, they can check out the company and their Inner Circle program at The DGPT will also work as a strategic partner with DGS on efforts to stimulate additional funding efforts for the organization in order to create more opportunities for Disc Golf Strong to provide support for competitors outside of the DGPT.

This partnership is one of several initiatives the DGPT has been engaged on throughout this off-season in regards to the professional side of disc golf. This has resulted in the advent of a yearly Touring Professional Platform; the 2020 version of which is in development and will be published before the start fo the season. The TPP will include event standards and expectations geared towards touring pros and will build on the foundation of excellent event standards published and normalized by the PDGA. New initiatives include event schedule expectations and standardization, health and sustainability initiatives, women’s initiatives, player partnership opportunities, along with other pertinent topics. This platform will include feedback and ideas from touring pros, and it’s mission is to keep pushing standards forward to create a more sustainable sport for those athletes that dedicate their lives and livelihoods to the sport we all love!