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DGPT Best Shot Bracket

By Baker Helton

The DGPT is pleased to present the 2020 Best Shot Bracket!

We’ve all been missing disc golf, and the DGPT Team has been brainstorming ways to have fun and highlight the incredible pro athletes that play our sport. The Best Shot Bracket does all that, while also letting us watch some awesome disc golf shots.

So, we’ve created a list of 16 of the best shots ever thrown (on video) on the DGPT by both Men and Women. These are not ALL the best shots. Even after adding weeks of searching, there are several shots we’ve found or that have been sent to us after finalizing the bracket. That said, these are certainly incredible shots that belong in the conversation of best shots ever throw on tour!


We set a few points of criteria for what we were looking for when considering a shot. When fans consider which shot they think is “BEST” we encourage them to employ some of the same criteria. Here’s the list, in order of importance:

  • Context:
    • Was the shot in a high-pressure situation? What was on the line?
  • Impact:
    • Did the shot matter, historically? Did this putt seal the win? Did it change momentum during the course of a big event?
  • Difficulty:
    • How hard was this shot to make? Could an amateur perform this shot or achieve this outcome?
  • Result:
    • Did the shot go in? Did it turn into a key eagle or birdie? An ace is the best anyone can do on a hole after all!
  • Uniqueness:
    • Has a shot like this ever been done before? The situation can play in here. Who else throws this type of shot or have someone done it/scored it before? (i.e. we had like 8 aces on Hole 8 at Maple on video, so none of them made the cut)
  • Entertainment:
    • How fun is this shot to watch? Did you keep going back to watch it over and over again?
  • Length:
    • When all else fails and a shot is tied and you just can’t decide, which shot is longer? Is the distance (whether it be putt or throw) one of the most impressive features of this throw?


Each day over the next few weeks we will be going through each match-up in the following brackets. A new MPO match up will drop at 9 AM ET daily with FPO match ups going live at 5 PM ET. Make sure to drop a vote in the social media comments of the post each day to show your support for your favorite best shot.

Check out the brackets below! We will update them each day as the shots that win advance. Go ahead vote daily in the comments and in polls in our stories. Enjoy these incredible shots by some of the sport’s best athletes!