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DGPT Brings on New Festival Coordinator

Please join us in welcoming aboard Patrick Graziani. Patrick will be our new Festival Coordinator. A little bit about Patrick:
  • Started playing disc golf in 2009 and joined the PDGA in 2013
  • Has a passion for organizing and executing events (especially disc golf!)
  • Volunteered at Pro Worlds in 2015, ran his first event in 2015 and was the TD for the Pittsburgh Flying Disc Open National Tour event in 2017

Patrick, a passionate and driven individual who loves the sport of disc golf, will improve the Pro Tour in at least three ways, although initial conversations show promise for his role to take on a larger role as the tour continues to grow. He loves being out on the course and taking in all the details of a course that set it apart from others that he has played.
Festival of the Flying Discs
The Festival is a critical piece of the Pro Tour. It is a great place to buy special discs and merch from the Festival Flymart. It helps bring friends and families, who may not be disc golf nuts like us, to come and enjoy a day watching AND playing. Patrick will be responsible for creating a fun, music-filled, inviting atmosphere where everyone can play games, win prizes and walk away happier. Here’s some of the new stuff for 2018:

  • Wall of Boxes – Buy a box for your chance at baskets, ZUCAs, bags, KEENs. Each box has at least the value of your box purchase.
  • Silipint Challenge – Teams of three try to knock down a 45 Silipint Pyramid. Best score over the season wins a basket, a ZUCA, and KEENs.
  • New Games – DD’s Junior Recruit Pyramid, Lat64’s Sockibomb Challenge, Discraft’s Pendulum Putts
  • Festival Flymart – In addition to all of the DGPT merch, we will also be featuring additional vendors in the festival, your one stop fun shop.

Plus DGA’s Disc Tac Toe, MVP’s Portal Putting Pole, and the Paragon MPH Speed Range. Visit the Festival and say hi to Patrick. If you have not experienced the Festival, come on down! And if you have, tell your friends and come try the new games we’ve made for 2018. Stay tuned for a future article that discusses all of the games, the rebirth of the Festival Tournament, and when we will be running the Festival in your neck of the woods.
Course Setup
Patrick was the TD of the Pittsburgh Flying Disc Open National Tour event in 2017. The event received high praise from players, fans, and the PDGA. One aspect of the Pro Tour that needed improvement was the course setup and review. In addition to helping to review the course OB, rules and caddy book, Patrick will ensure that the Pro Tour course assets (the truss , the OB walls , the elevated baskets ) are setup nice and early so that the players can have plenty of time to practice the course with them in place the days before the tournament begins.
He will also be working closely with the Tournament Directors regarding placement of assets, confirming staff, and helping in anyway he can to make the events run smoother. His experience as an NT TD as well as his detail oriented mindset make Patrick the perfect person to make all of this happen.
Pro Tour League Challenge
Last, but certainly not least, Patrick is going to be bringing the Pro Tour to communities all across the nation. He will be holding events promoting upcoming tournaments as well as regional events at spots between tour stops. He has crafted a plan where not only will events be fun and value driven, they will also benefit the local club, course, and/or store, that helps to make the events happen.
Events will be one round and will include a brief introduction from Patrick who will share some of his experiences from his time on the road with the Pro Tour.

  • $20-$25 entry fee
  • Player pack worth $15-$20
  • DGPT Dollars Payout to top 20%
  • Bonus raffle items for local club, course or store based on attendance

Yes, it is a blatant money grab, but it will be fun, will provide value, and will leave a lasting legacy of support to your local club. The events will also keep Patrick out of trouble between tour stops. Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.
If you are interested in learning more about hosting a Pro Tour League Challenge, please email Patrick today.