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DGPT Championshion Recap: MPO Semi-Finals – Is Chris Dickerson Unstoppable?!?

What an absolutely unbelievable day of disc golf here at the New World Sports Complex in Jacksonville, FL for the DGPT Championship MPO Semi-Finals. If you haven’t been watching the live coverage or following along online then let’s start with the today’s smoking hot 13 under par from none other than Chris Dickerson. It’s feeling pretty unreal that he has played his way in from Round 1 with day after day of hot rounds. 10 down Thursday, 10 down Friday, and 13 down Saturday. Hard to imagine he could do better than that tomorrow but at this pace, we would be hard-pressed to expect less. Following him with the second-best round of the day was Ricky Wysocki at 11 and then Kevin Jones at 10 down. Wysocki won the card and Kevin Jones secured the wild card. Joining those three tomorrow will be Nikko Locastro with a 9 under par and Nate Sexton at 6 under par. Here’s your updated bracket, and if you put together one that called all this, wow, just wow.
Before we get into the details of those card winners and the wild card there’s a few notable moments more than worth mentioning. Let’s just start with Eagle’s eagle on hole 9, a behemoth of an 1108′ par 5. To most of us, it looked like a nasty WTF Richard moment, but it was entirely intentional. Taking a hard right off the tee straight at the OB he laid down a backhand roller that seemed to go on forever. It turns out the right side OB cart path technically makes a U-turn at the basket and comes almost straight back to the tee. After a mad dash with the catch cameraman in the golf cart, we made it over to check out where in the world Eagle was walking off towards. When we caught up with him we saw that his lie was just about perfect. There wasn’t a single tree between him and the basket but he did have at least 500′ left. Not a problem for the lanky bird. That distance driver was never high than 20′ and all but dead straight to the edge of Circle 1.  For this putt:
Working his best not to be left out, Eagle’s Discmania teammate Simon Lizotte was treated to a raw deal on hole 17. I caught up with him after the round to see how he was feeling about it.
“It’s so ironic that 17 screwed me over on the upshot there, since that the hole that made it possible for me to even be here today. I tried to throw it wide, cause I practiced that shot, the layup, then go for the PD2 hyzer. So I felt confident and then I tried to throw it as wide as I thought was necessary but one foot not good enough.” Watching his round come down to the wire, chasing Kevin Jones for the wild card spot, you could hear the disappointment in the crowd when his birdie putt missed just left. He would still have the chance for an Eagle on 18, but after his roller from the tee finished too far left those dreams came to a close. When I asked him how he was feeling he was quick to say “Pretty happy that the season’s over and I can go home tomorrow.” A huge thanks to Simon for the incredible show he’s always putting on. We look forward to seeing more of you next season.

When Card one finally teed off after the other three it looked to guarantee fireworks. Chris Dickerson, Paul McBeth, and Grady Shue. We’ve talked about Simon, and sadly we all now know that McBeth and Shue just didn’t have their best days. McBeth finished at 2 under par, including a sweet Circle 3 drop zone throw in on the island hole 15. And quite honestly I’m almost speechless when it comes to telling you about Chris Dickerson’s tentatively 1086 rated 13 under. Talking with him after the round I was curious, what were the birdies that made the difference. “let’s see, oh yes, I believe it’s hole 7, they changed it from a 200 some foot par 3 last year, to about a 444″. I was so excited about his shot that I pulled the worst interview move and finished his sentence. He laid down one of the most perfect rollers I’ve ever seen. It touched down just before the woods, a couple good bounces, a smooth roll and one last jump over the ‘guardian log” at circles edge before a quick victory lap around the pin. Seriously, stop reading, go scroll back the live coverage and watch it now. I could tell you all about his nasty stats but instead I’ll leave you with this bit of wisdom from when I asked him how he felt about the round, “Feel pretty good, every round I’ve had at least one bogey, I’d like to get those away, and once you have one there’s nothing you can do about it.” If we can all have that calm, cool, collected approach maybe we could go 13 down with this last putt on 18 at the DGPT Championships.

Moving down the scores, our next stop is Ricky Wysocki. Is it rude to say, “finally”? After his Utah Open win, he’s finished 8th in the next three Pro Tour events. But today he showed up and reminded us there’s a reason he’s the number two in Power Rankings. Let’s go right to the stats. First in fairway hits at 86% and first in Circle 2 Putts at 80%. Dang, I’m happy when I get my Circle 1 Putts up in the 80s! His best streak of the day started on hole 9 and continued for another 5 holes before ending with a bogey on the island. But just check out this birdie putt from Circle 2 on hole 13. Tricky Ricky is back and the putts are with him:
Also on the card with Ricky was Calvin Heimburg and Paul Ulibarri. Uli started off the round the hot player on the card going four for four but a chain of bogeys and pars until hole 10 where things picked back up but not enough to keep up with two of the hottest three rounds of the day. Heimburg best Uli, but only by one at 3 under. His round included a bit of a roller coaster too. Huge congrats to both of them for their play this season and at this event. Then, of course, there was Kevin Jones playing his first round of the event and putting up a spicy 10 under. I caught up with him while he was watching Chris and Simon tear it up and he was calm, “I feel really good about it, everything was pretty smooth. Hit some big putts. The only thing I wish I could have changed was an inside the circle putt on the island hole. Birdie opportunity into a bogey. I’ve never been in this position before, just letting things happen. Everyone has a chance and I’m just happy to be here today and hopefully tomorrow.” Well now we know, he’s here tomorrow and I’m sure he’s gonna apply the pressure and give it his best. Just check out this slow-mo on his hole 1 drive. That’s how you crush.
Nate Sexton was the leader almost all day on his card. There were some close moments with Seppo Paju who finished 2 behind him, and JohnE McCray was right there too finishing at 4 under. And you know about Eagle already. Nate, as always, is looking like the smartest player on the course. “I played okay. But nothing special. No one in our group was really killing it. But that’s this format, that’s how it goes. I was trying to stay away from scores and play my game. I had a feeling I was beating the guys. We looked, and I saw I was winning and I kinda limped in at the finish. When I asked him if there were any changes in the game plan he had the smart answer, “It’s all situational in this format. It’s tough, the game plan is in flux because there’s so much, there’s no tomorrow. You play for whatever feels right. No big changes, better execution.” I can’t wait to see if he can pull it off. Putts like this sure help:
And finally we get to our fourth card and our forth hottest round of the day, Nikko Locastro finished at 9 under and completely clean. Much better than we can say for his card mates who together carded 13 bogeys or worse. James Conrad at Garrett Gurthie both shot 3 under and sadly, Joel Freeman’s run is at an end with a 5 over par. Congrats to those guys for making it this far. Nikko’s 100% scramble should give him a good confidence boost headed into tomorrow. He really made the day from the tee with 86% fairway hits, besting his own putting percentage at 85%. Repeating today would be competitive but likely not quite enough for tomorrow when scores reset and everyone is pushing as hard as they can for the hottest round they can throw.

Wow, what a day. We’re all letting loose now with live music and a great clubhouse vibe. But the tension isn’t absent. There are still five guys in it and tomorrow can be the difference between $1500 for fifth and $7500 for first. I honestly couldn’t tell you who’s gonna take this one so you better just tune in and watch tomorrow when the MPO card tees off at 3 PM.

Article written by Staff Editor & Writer Zach Podhorzer.