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DGPT Dream 18 Course: What is the best Hole 1 on Tour?

By Baker Helton

In disc golf, there are discussions, debates, and things everyone can agree upon from the start. We are not sure where this one would end up, so we are letting you the fans decide. Over the next 18 days, we will be hosting a series of votes here on our site to determine what the fans dream 18 holes would be on Tour. 

How does it work?

At 9 AM ET each morning, starting Monday. March 30th the polls open. You have until 8 AM ET the next day to vote on which hole you would put on your dream 18. On the first day, you can pick from the hole one of each DGPT course, on the second day, the second hole, etc. With the release of each poll, we will announce the winner of the previous day. We hope to see each region get behind their courses and help elevate the disc golf holes they think make their course genuinely unique. 

Below is a brief description of each hole along with a link to the hole flyover. Give it a read and a watch and vote at the bottom of the article!

With voting complete, a winner has been chosen. Read on to see which hole won and which ones were the runners up. 

Hole One

**2nd Place** Fountain Hills: Hole one at Fountain Hills is a 393 ft Par 3 for MPO and 318 ft Par 3 for FPO. Both tee shots are a water carry for all but the last 10 ft of the drive. This hole is famous for being showcased on SportsCenter in 2015 when Nate Doss aced it during the final round of The Memorial Championship. You can watch the flyover of the hole thanks to Jomez Round One Coverage of the 2020 Memorial Championship

Vista del Camino: The starting hole for the Vista Del Camino course is a straightforward 284 ft Par 3 through a triple mando gate. This is a must-get birdie for any player as they start their round. An elevated basket this year did add some challenge to an otherwise easy starting hole. Watch the flyover from Round Three Coverage of the 2020 Memorial Championship, thanks to Jomez. 

Brazos Park East: Waco’s starting hole is unique in that it’s not the actual course hole one. However, to have a large area for tournament central and a spectacular finishing hole 18, course hole seven presents itself as hole one for the Waco Annual Charity Open. The 291 ft Par 3 is surrounded by OB and features a tunnel shot straight up the middle or the wide hyzer route on either side. Check out Jomez’s hole flyover from Round One Coverage of the 2020 Waco Annual Charity Open

Disc Side of Heaven: Players step up to the starting hole at the Jonesboro Open with a hole that plays very accurately to par. At 450ft for MPO and 380 ft for FPO, it’s within range for players with elite distance but is a hole where most players are comfortable walking away with par. You can watch the flyover of hole one from Jomez’s 2018 Round One Coverage of the Jonesboro Open

Gleneagles: The first Par 4 of our starting holes, hole one for the San Francisco Open, is 668 ft. It plays along the first fairway of the Gleneagles Golf Course with thick briars on the right side of the fairway. The briars give way as the green slopes down towards the basket, which is surrounding by beautiful old-growth trees that cover the Gleneagles course. Here is a link to the flyover from Jomez’s 2018 Round One Coverage of the San Francisco Open

Blue Lake Park: Added to the Tour last year, hole one at Blue Lake Park is now famous for the play-off between Drew Gibson and Eagle McMahon at the 2019 Portland Open. The 455 ft Par 3 winds its way through a park-style wooded hole that is one of the only holes like it on the otherwise open bomber course. Flyover footage for this hole comes from Jomez’s 2019 Round One Coverage of the Portland Open

**T-3rd Place** Kensington Toboggan: The Toboggan course is only in the ground for one month out of the year. Hole one begins in the middle of a toboggan run and finishes to the right of the fairway. A long downhill shot at 477 ft the birdie is possible for the MPO but plays right to par for the FPO division. You can watch the flyover thanks to Jomez’s 2018 Round One Coverage of the Great Lakes Open.

Idlewild: A 638 ft Par 4 opening hole makes for one of the easiest holes on the course at The Idlewild Open. Playing straight down the fairway with sloping greens on each side, hole one’s par four is an easy birdie and tantalizing eagle for the MPO division. It has even been eagled on film. First, it was eagled on coverage by Paul McBeth during the final round of 2017 and then again live by Kevin Jones during the first round of 2019Check out the flyover of the hole from Jomez’s 2018 Round One coverage of the Idlewild Open. 

**T-3rd Place** Eureka Lake: The starting hole at Eureka Lake DGC is not one for the faint of heart. A 633 ft Par 4 with a water carry that is all of 600 ft if you’re throwing directly at the basket, how this hole is played can make or break a players round. While a gettable birdie for most touring pros, it ends up playing true to par once the entire field has come through. Watch the flyover from last year’s 2019 Ledgestone Insurance Open thanks to Jomez.

Sunset Hills: A course which is played by the FPO division at the Ledgestone Insurance Open, hole one is a 636 ft Par 4. It plays down the opening fairway of the Sunset Hills golf course but then dives to the left of the fairway across an OB cart path to a sloped green. A challenging but potentially rewarding hole for players to start their round on. Check out the hole flyover from Central Coast Disc Golf’s coverage of the 2019 World Championship.

Northwood: Hole one at Northwoods gold features a tree-filled treacherous fairway that gives way to an open putting green. It’s a Par 3, 345 ft hole that even the best will bogey if they do not lace their drive. Watch the flyover footage and figure out what you would throw thanks to Jomez’s 2019 coverage of the World Championship.

**WINNER** Maple Hill: The starting hole at Maple Hill is one that many players dream of standing on one day and throwing. Looking down across a field of Christmas trees to a pond and then the basket tucked away in the woods in the distance, this hole is not for the faint of heart. At 835 ft with 475 ft to clear the water for the MPO division, it’s a huck to have a shot at birdie. Once on the fairway, players must then throw into a woods protected island green. The hole was made famous by chipmunk gate during the 2016 Vibram Open play-off between Michael Johansen and Bradley Williams. Check out the flyover of the hole from Jomez’s 2018 Round One Coverage of the MVP Open.

Brewster Ridge: The wooded of the two courses at the Green Mountain Championship starts with a well defined tree-lined fairway that opens up to a beautiful green. At 315 ft, this Par 3 is a birdie that most players want to have when starting their round. Jomez’s coverage of the 2019 Green Mountain Championship will show you what you need to know about this starting hole.

Fox Run Meadows: The starting hole for Fox Run Meadows is a 600 ft Par 4 that starts with players throwing across an OB marsh to an island fairway and green. At 600 ft, most players are hoping to keep their drives in-bounds to take advantage of an early birdie on this long and demanding course. The flyover from the 2019 Green Mountain Championship on Jomez helps show the way

Hornets Nest: The last starting hole in our series, Hornets Nest features the only truly wooded hole one on Tour. At 390 ft, this Par 3 is not an easy one and shows players early what the rest of the round will be like at this Charlotte, NC Championship course. Check out the flyover on Jomez’s coverage of last year’s Tour Championship

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What’s the best Hole 1 on the Disc Golf Pro Tour?

Fountain Hills
Vista Del Camino
The bEast at Brazos
Disc Side of Heaven
Blue Lake
Lake Eureka
Sunset Hills
The Toboggan
Maple Hill
Brewster Ridge
Fox Run Meadows
Hornet’s Nest