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DGPT Dream 18 Course

By Baker Helton

The votes are in, and after three and a half weeks, we have a full course. While we gathered votes from fans through our website, we also polled the Pros separately to see how their choices compared. Below we break down the fan voting, where the Pros differed and what to look forward to from the Dream 18 campaign. 

Course 18 Preview:

Here are the courses, pars, and distances for the MPO and FPO layouts of the Dream 18. 

  • Hole 1: Maple Hill – Par 4: MPO 835 ft, FPO 720 ft
  • Hole 2: Hornet’s Nest – Par 3: MPO 330 ft, FPO 267 ft
  • Hole 3: Toboggan – Par 4: MPO 915 ft, FPO 590
  • Hole 4: Brewster Ridge – Par 4: 575 ft
  • Hole 5: Gleneagles – Par 4/5: 1,033 ft
  • Hole 6: Disc Side of Heaven – Par 3: 315 ft
  • Hole 7: Fox Run Meadows – Par 5: MPO 1,225 ft, FPO 1,085 ft
  • Hole 8: Maple Hill – Par 3: MPO 320 ft, FPO 250 ft
  • Hole 9: Gleneagles – Par 4: 747 ft

Front Nine Total MPO Par 34 6,295 ft, FPO Par 35 5,582 ft

  • Hole 10: Brewster Ridge – Par 3: MPO 470 ft, FPO 410 ft
  • Hole 11: Maple Hill – Par 4: MPO 780 ft, FPO 670 ft
  • Hole 12: Northwood – Par 5: MPO 1,050 ft, FPO 725 ft
  • Hole 13: Idlewild – Par 4: 472 ft
  • Hole 14: Maple Hill – Par 3: MPO 420 ft, FPO 285 ft
  • Hole 15: Hornet’s Nest – Par 3: MPO 321 ft, FPO 269 ft
  • Hole 16: Idlewild – Par 5: 969 ft
  • Hole 17: Brazos Park East – Par 4: MPO 610 ft, FPO 530 ft
  • Hole 18: Fox Run Meadows – Par 4: MPO 775 ft, FPO 655 ft

Back Nine Total MPO Par 35 5,897 ft, FPO Par 35 4,985 ft

Total Course: MPO Par 69 12,162 ft, FPO Par 70 10,567 ft

How the Voting Unfolded and Hole Descriptions

Each day voting opened at 9 AM ET and ended the next morning at 8 AM ET. For some holes, like the starting hole, it was almost a no-brainer for voters; for others, it was extremely close. In some cases, the fans and the Pros were not in agreement on which hole should be on the Dream 18. We will talk about that in another section. Let’s get to the results. 

Hole 1

The second-most voted on hole; hole one was a runaway vote with the winner receiving 63% of the votes. The next closest received 7% of the votes. The players also agreed there is only one Dream 18 starting hole, and that is Maple Hill Hole One. 

Maple Hill: The starting hole at Maple Hill is one that many players dream of standing on one day and throwing. Looking down across a field of Christmas trees to a pond and then the basket tucked away in the woods in the distance, this hole is not for the faint of heart. At 835 ft with 475 ft to clear the water for the MPO division, it’s a huck to have a shot at birdie. Once on the fairway, players must then throw into a woods protected island green. The hole was made famous by chipmunk gate during the 2016 Vibram Open play-off between Michael Johansen and Bradley Williams. Check out the flyover of the hole from Jomez’s 2018 Round One Coverage of the MVP Open.

Hole 2

The second hole wasn’t quite the runaway that hole one saw, but there was a majority vote from the fans that ultimately did not match the Pro vote. With 63% of the vote, Hornet’s Nest Hole 2 was the first island hole added to the Dream 18. 

Hornets Nest: One of the defining holes at Hornet’s Nest, Hole 2, is a 330 ft island hole that is only in play for tournaments. Most players attack the basket from a right-hyzer line looking to at least stick the island if not snag an ace. See how the players played the hole at last year’s Tour Championship, thanks to Jomez

Hole 3

As the voting continued, consensus started to dissipate. The winner of the Hole 3 vote only received 33% of the voting. That being said, the fans and Pros agreed on this one as Toboggan Hole 3 was added to the course. 

Kensington Toboggan: At 915 ft, this downhill hole is a Par 4 monster. As players throw down the toboggan run, they must avoid the rough on both sides. This hole is a real rip it and watch hole. Once players make it to the bottom of the hill, they must throw across a circle of OB rough to try and make the green. Watch the flyover from Jomez’s first-round coverage of the 2018 Great Lakes Open but comeback to watch Paul McBeth almost grab the eagle from his second round at that same event

Hole 4

With all but two courses receiving a vote, the voting spread out across the courses even more for Hole 4. Even with the thinned out vote (the winner only had 24% of the vote), the fans and Pros agreed again as Brewster Ridge Hole 4 was added to the course. 

Brewster Ridge: Hole 4 at Brewster Ridge is another long but fair wooded Par 4. At 575 ft, players have an open drive with two defined fairways, one more straight at the basket and a second for the left-handed hyzer throws. If the second throw is placed well, players will be putting for a birdie. See how the hole unfolds on the Jomez flyover from the 2019 Green Mountain Championship.

Hole 5

The first of the close-voting holes, the winner of Hole 5, ended up only edging out by four votes. With the top two vote earners taking 76% of the vote ultimately, Gleneagles added its downhill bomber hole to the Dream 18. 

Gleneagles: Hole 5 in San Francisco is a monster 1,033 ft Par 4 for MPO and Par 5 for FPO players. The downhill drive with the Cow Palace in the foreground creates a compelling disc golf hole. Players are hoping to keep their first drive in the fairway so that they can have an open upshot to the green. Players whose drives end up left of the fairway have to deal with a forest of pine trees that they must navigate to make it back to the fairway and gree. Check out Jomez’s 2018 flyover from the San Francisco Open to see it for yourself.  

Hole 6

The vote only got closer for Hole 6 as the winner won by a margin of one. On this hole, the fans and players did not agree. Taking home the fan vote, though with 25% of the vote was the Disc Side of Heaven. 

Disc Side of Heaven: At 315 ft, Disc Side of Heaven’s Hole Six is not the shortest hole on this monster course. Players must make the putting green to avoid an OB penalty on this over-the-water island hole. Locals would have thought this would be the first hole aced by a touring pro, but instead, that distinction goes to Hole 15. See how the discs fly thanks to Jomez’s coverage of the 2018 Jonesboro Open.

Hole 7 

The voting began to spread out a little bit more with the winner of this hole leading with a 19% margin. With 40% of the overall vote, Hole 7 at Fox Run Meadows was the consensus dream hole between fans and players. 

Fox Run Meadows: Hole Seven at Fox Run is a monster 1085 ft Par 5 for FPO and 1225 ft Par 5 for MPO. Players throw their first drive across an OB creek and then throw multiple other drives down an open fairway to the basket. They do have to contend with an OB wall on the right and rope on the left, but the fairway is wide enough that only errant shots end up going OB. This hole was made famous when Calvin Heimburg carded an eagle three during the 2018 PDGA World Championships. You can see it for yourself on the 2019 Green Mountain Championship coverage from Jomez.

Hole 8

Building out an even wider margin of victory and spurred on by its own fan club. Hole 8’s winner was a no-brainer for fans and Pros alike. Taking home 47% of the vote for the win was Maple Hill Hole 8. 

Maple Hill: At 320 ft for MPO and 280 ft for FPO, Hole Eight has its own fan club. Known as the “Eightholes,” these fans show up and sit on the hole all day to cheer the near aces and groan when players miss the island. Players are throwing across one of the many ponds that exist on the Maple Hill course to a woodchipped island green. This hole has been aced on film by many different players, including Nikko LocastroMatt Dollar, and Trevor HarboltWatch the flyover from Jomez’s 2018 MVP Open coverage to see how the pros play the hole. 

Hole 9

Only one disc golf course did not receive a vote in the hole nine voting for the Dream 18. Showing how the votes were spread out across the courses helps to understand how the fans and pros were not in agreement for the Hole 9 on the Dream 18. With 33% of the vote, Gleneagles added its second hole to the Dream 18. 

Gleneagles: Hole Nine at San Francisco is a 747 ft Par 4. The tee pad sits 80 feet above the downsloping fairway. The hole measures at 747 ft because players can send it from the tee pad just like a 747 plane. Players who achieve maximum distance on their drive will have an outside look at an eagle. Check out Jomez’s 2018 flyover from the San Francisco Open to see it for yourself.

Hole 10

For two holes in a row, the fans and players did not agree on a Dream 18 hole. Another super close vote, literally coming down to the wire, Brewster Ridge snagged a win to jump into the Dream 18 with 31% of the vote and only two votes separating it and second place.

Brewster Ridge: Hole Ten at Brewster Ridge is 470 ft for MPO and 410 ft for FPO, playing as a Par 3. Players are throwing slightly downhill into a green fairway. A few trees are surrounding the green that comes into play, but outside of that, if players stay clean off the tee, they may have a shot at birdie. See how the hole unfolds on the Jomez flyover from the 2019 Green Mountain Championship.

Hole 11

Consensus was found again between fans and pros for the Hole 11 vote. In what seems to be a pattern, when fans and pros agree, it’s probably Maple Hill that’s going to win. With 35% of the vote, we saw a third Maple Hill hole added to the Dream 18 course. 

Maple Hill: At 780 ft for MPO and 670 ft for FPO, this Par 4 plays downhill across the famous Christmas tree farm that the course plays around. Players are looking to make a landing zone roughly 400 ft from the tee pad to have a clean look at the baskets they are playing. For the FPO, the basket fades to the left and is perched atop a rock wall. The MPO basket is tucked another 110 ft into the woods with an open green once the players get to it. Watch the flyover from Jomez’s 2018 MVP Open coverage to see how the pros play the hole.

Hole 12

Pro and fan consensus continued for Hole 12 with the fan vote taking up over 48% almost double of second place. This hole has actually not been seen on the Pro Tour yet. Debuted for PDGA Worlds last year, Northwood Hole 12 is quite possibly the definition of a challenging disc golf hole and, as such, made its way onto the Dream 18. 

Northwood: Hole Twelve at Northwood is one of the brand new holes built for 2019 PDGA Worlds. At 1050 ft for MPO and 725 for FPO, this Par 5 is heralded as one of the hardest holes on Tour. Players are working to stay in the middle of a tightly-wooded fairway—the fairway curves to the right play across a creek and then uphill towards the green. See how the Pros played it thanks to Jomez’s coverage of the 2019 PDGA World Championship.

Hole 13

Probably one of the more contested votes between the Pros, on the fan side, it was a two-course race. Ultimately, Idlewild, the continual second in most of the votes, was able to add a hole to the Dream 18. With 88% of the vote between Idlewild and Eureka Lake, you’ll see later in the article what hole the Pros put on their Dream 18. 

Idlewild: Hole Thirteen at Idlewild is a 472 ft Par 4. The famous “KY” hole, in previous years, players have played through a “Y” shaped tree in the middle of the fairway. Once down the hill players contend with an OB creek that runs in front of the green. If players can make the corner and avoid the OB, they have a look at eagle. Figure out how you might attack it while watching Jomez’s flyover from the first round of the 2018 Idlewild Open.

Hole 14

There are plenty of challenging water holes on Tour, but the winner of the Hole 14 vote agreed upon by fans and pros alike might be the hardest. Ultimately winning by only two votes, Maple Hill added yet another hole to the Dream 18. 

Maple Hill: At 420 ft for MPO, this Par 3 plays downhill to a basket perched on the water’s edge. The hole is a little more straightforward for the FPO division at 285 ft. The men are all gunning for the basket with a right-hand backhand throw. The FPO division has an opportunity to throw more straight at the basket and have an effortless look at birdie. Watch the flyover from Jomez’s 2018 MVP Open coverage to see how the pros play the hole.

Hole 15

The second “named” hole to make it onto the Dream 18, the locals know how to play this hole, but it can stump those playing for the first time. The Gauntlet, Hornet’s Nest’s Hole 15, made its way onto the Dream 18 with 30% of the vote. 

Hornets Nest: Hole Fifteen at Hornet’s Nest is 321 ft for MPO and 269 ft for FPO. The hole plays straight out of the woods with a mando on the immediate left of the tee. The FPO basket is set in an opening while the MPO basket is across the field and set slightly back into the woods. What looks to be an easy three can go wrong quickly if a player hits a tree early. See how the players played the hole at last year’s Tour Championship, thanks to Jomez.

Hole 16

Another hole where the players and fans did not agree but taking home the second-largest margin of victory in the fan vote, Idlewild added its second hole to the Dream 18. With 50% of the vote, let’s read why fans felt like this hole was deserving:

Idlewild: Hole Sixteen at Idlewild is a 969 ft Par 5. Players are throwing through a rolling field down to a tree and creek protected island green. The peak of the hill is 569 feet from the tee giving players another 400 feet to the basket. To gain a look at eagle, players look to land at the hill’s crest for a shot down to the pin. Figure out how you might attack it while watching Jomez’s flyover from the first round of the 2018 Idlewild Open.

Hole 17

The most massive voter turnout of the contest featured two courses battling to add its own unique Hole 17 to the Dream 18. With nearly 90% of the vote between the two, only winning by five votes, The bEast at Brazos added its Hole 17 to the Dream 18.

Brazos Park East: Hole Seventeen at the bEast is a 530 ft Par 4 for FPO and 610 ft for MPO. The hole plays straightforward and then makes a 90 degree turn to the right. When the fairway turns right, it also goes downhill to a basket perched along the water. Players are looking to get their drives to the edge of the hill so they can make the corner and have a look at the basket. Players can go for the eagle by throwing over OB their entire drive, but it’s a massive risk/reward shot. Check out the flyover from Jomez’s coverage of the 2020 Waco Annual Charity Open.

Hole 18

Rounding out the Dream 18 is not an easy task. However, three courses ended up competing in the fan vote to add their finishing hole to the Dream 18. Each of them has its merits, and all of them already feature at least one hole on the Dream 18. Ultimately, Fox Run Meadows won the fan vote to round out the Dream 18. 

Fox Run Meadows: Hole Eighteen at Fox Run is a 655 ft FPO, 775 ft MPO downhill Par 4. The fairway plays around to the right shaped by OB on both sides. Players are bombing their drive off the tee, hoping to finish on the left side of the fairway to avoid a tree on the right. Players are then throwing an upshot just short of the basket for a birdie look, going high risks rolling out to C2, and possibly OB. You can see it for yourself on the 2019 Green Mountain Championship coverage from Jomez.

How the Voting Shook Out

There was a steady amount of votes each day for the Dream 18. Ultimately, Hole 6 received the least amount of votes, and Hole 17 received the most. One thing we did not factor in was each region rallying their communities for votes. What we learned from this is that Idlewild has some of the most dedicated fans on Tour. In the 16 holes that Idlewild did not win, they took second place in 10 of those. 

On most days, all but two or three courses would receive at least one vote. There were a few days when the competition was only between one or two holes, where there would be more courses not receiving votes. The results tell us that at least for a few fans, nearly any hole on Tour could be worth adding to a Dream 18. 

Where the Pros Differed from the Fans

There were seven holes where the Pros and the Fans voting did not align. The divergence started with Hole 2 and ended with Hole 16. We will walk through each of the differences below. 

Hole 2: While Hornet’s Nest won the fan vote, the Pros added Hole 2 from Brewster Ridge to their Dream 18. 

Hole 6: The Pros didn’t think just one hole from the Toboggan course was enough for the Dream 18.  Instead of the Disc Side of Heaven, they went with Hole 6 at the Toboggan.

Hole 9: While Gleneagles came close to winning for the Pros, ultimately, Brewster Ridge Hole 9 was added to the Pros Dream 18 course. 

Hole 10: The vote was close for the fans, but it was a no brainer for the Pros. Hole 10 at The bEast was added by the Pros when the fans said, Brewster Ridge. 

Hole 13: If fans were to guess what the Pros added to their Dream 18, this hole might not have been their first guess, but when the KY hole made it from Idlewild, the Pros added Maple Hill’s Hole 13. 

Hole 15: This hole featured some of the most varied voting of the entire campaign. When fans added Hornet’s Nest to their Dream 18, the Pros added Idlewild’s Hole 15. 

Hole 16: The fans wanted a second Idlewild hole on the Dream 18, the Pros voted a second Fox Run hole onto theirs. 

When preparing for the Dream 18 vote, we were not expecting how involved local fan bases would get behind their courses. We added the Player Vote so we could have a comparison between the two. With most of the campaign built around the fan vote, we will be working on a few additional pieces related to the Pro Vote to be released soon. That being said, here are a few other unique pieces of content to come from this campaign. 

How the Pros would have played the Dream 18

We have put together the caddy book. We know the hole distances and pars, but with many of the Pros playing every hole on the Dream 18, who would win? We gathered the numbers from nine FPO and twelve MPO players who made it into the Tour Championship last year to see the scores. You can see those listed below. 

Scores were pulled from the first two rounds of each event, starting with 2019 and moving back if they did not play the event in 2019. If a player only made one round of the Tour Championship, then their scores on those two holes were duplicated for each round.

Moving Forward

We are currently putting together the Dream 18 challenge, which features a competition of sorts between the only two players that we have filmed playing every whole on the Dream 18. Also, since the Pro’s Dream 18 is different from the fan vote, we are working on putting together a separate full recap for the Pro vote. So look for that in a few days as well. 

Thank you for your participation in the Dream 18 voting. We had a great time, and we hope you did too!