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DGPT Dream 18 Week Two Wrap-Up

By Baker Helton

We are two weeks into our three and half week Dream 18 campaign. Another five holes are now a part of the DGPT Fans Dream 18 course. Let’s take a look at each of our winners from this past week and then look ahead to the next week of voting. 

Hole Six

Winning by just one vote, Hole 6 on the Dream 18 for the fans was Disc Side of Heaven’s 315 ft island hole. Jonesboro was able to rally the troops to bring this hole onto the Dream 18 course. This was not a hole that shared a consensus with Pro voting as the pros selected Toboggan’s Hole 6. The first hole where there was no consensus across the three different polls (fans, players, and DGPT staff), the DGPT staff selected Maple Hill Hole 6.

Here is what we had to say about the Hole 6 Winners:

Disc Side of Heaven: At 315 ft, Disc Side of Heaven’s Hole Six is not the shortest hole on this monster course. Players must make the putting green to avoid an OB penalty on this over-the-water island hole. Locals would have thought this would be the first hole aced by a touring pro, but instead, that distinction goes to Hole 15. See how the discs fly thanks to Jomez’s coverage of the 2018 Jonesboro Open.

Kensington Toboggan: At 632 ft, Hole Six plays across the rolling hills of the Metropark. Players have a landing zone atop the first hill that they are hoping to make if they want a look at birdie. From the top of the first hill, they can then have a clean look at the green to try and make their upshot inside the circle and capitalize. Watch the flyover from Jomez’s first-round coverage of the 2018 Great Lakes Open

Maple Hill: At 375 ft, Hole Six is considered one of the more difficult holes at Maple Hill by some. By others, it’s a walk in the park. Players are throwing downhill with an OB rock wall on the right and the woods compacting the fairway from the left. Watch the flyover from Jomez’s 2018 MVP Open coverage to see how the pros play the hole.

Hole Seven

For the Hole Seven vote, the players and fans found consensus while the DGPT staff had a differing opinion. With 40% of the vote, the fans chose Fox Run Meadows as the best Hole Seven on Tour. The DGPT staff expected Portland to show up and offer more votes for the tree-shaded Blue Lake Hole Seven. 

Here’s what we had to say about the winning Hole Seven’s:

Fox Run Meadows: Hole Seven at Fox Run is a monster 1085 ft Par 5 for FPO and 1225 ft Par 5 for MPO. Players throw their first drive across an OB creek and then throw multiple other drives down an open fairway to the basket. They do have to contend with an OB wall on the right and rope on the left, but the fairway is wide enough that only errant shots end up going OB. This hole was made famous when Calvin Heimburg carded an eagle three during the 2018 PDGA World Championships. You can see it for yourself on the 2019 Green Mountain Championship coverage from Jomez. 

Blue Lake Park: The 825 ft, Hole Seven, play as a Par 4 for MPO and Par 5 for FPO. The last of the park-style holes on the course, the basket was moved forward from its 2014 Worlds position. That being said, it’s still a tricky fairway to navigate with tress throughout. See for yourself in the 2019 Portland Open flyover from Jomez.

Hole Eight

Holy Eightholes, when the fans have a favorite Maple Hill hole, they let it be known. It was no competition. Unanimously between fans, pros, and DGPT staff, Maple Hill Hole 8 is on the Dream 18. It won 47% of the fan vote, but the next closest vote was Idlewild at 22%. 

Here is what we had to say about Maple Hill Hole Eight:

Maple Hill: At 320 ft for MPO and 280 ft for FPO, Hole Eight has its own fan club. Known as the “Eightholes,” these fans show up and sit on the hole all day to cheer the near aces and groan when players miss the island. Players are throwing across one of the many ponds that exist on the Maple Hill course to a woodchipped island green. This hole has been aced on film by many different players, including Nikko LocastroMatt Dollar, and Trevor HarboltWatch the flyover from Jomez’s 2018 MVP Open coverage to see how the pros play the hole. 

Hole Nine

Hole Nine saw the most extensive spread of votes out of any hole so far. The Toboggan course was the only course not to receive a vote. The DGPT staff knew what the fans wanted and correctly chose that the 747 ft Par 4 Hole Nine from the San Francisco Open would ultimately win out. With 33% of the vote, this hole rounds out the Dream 18 Front Nine. The players, however, selected Brewster Ridge’s Hole Nine for their Dream 18, with 56% of their vote. 

Here is what we had to say about these two Hole Nines:

Gleneagles: Hole Nine at San Francisco is a 747 ft Par 4. The tee pad sits 80 feet above the downsloping fairway. The hole measures at 747 ft because players can send it from the tee pad just like a 747 plane. Players who achieve maximum distance on their drive will have an outside look at an eagle. Check out Jomez’s 2018 flyover from the San Francisco Open to see it for yourself.

Brewster Ridge: Hole Nine at Brewster Ridge is 370 ft for MPO and 305 ft for FPO, playing as a Par 3. Players are throwing slightly downhill through a narrow fairway. If players go long of the basket, they end up contending with a pretty steep drop-off. See how the hole unfolds on the Jomez flyover from the 2019 Green Mountain Championship.

Front Nine Recap

Before we talk about the last hole voted on this past week, let’s recap where things sit for the Dream 18 Front Nine. Your Dream 18 Front Nine is a Par 34, 6,295 ft beast. Here are those Holes:

  1. Maple Hill – Par 4 – 835 ft
  2. Hornet’s Nest – Par 3 – 330 ft
  3. Toboggan – Par 4 – 915 ft
  4. Brewster Ridge – Par 4 – 575 ft
  5. Gleneagles – Par 4 – 1,033 ft
  6. Disc Side of Heaven – Par 3 – 315 ft
  7. Fox Run Meadows – Par 5 – 1,225 ft
  8. Maple Hill – Par 3 – 320 ft
  9. Gleneagles – Par 4 – 747 ft

Hole Ten

We had a barnstormer for the final voting of the week. Brewster Ridge was out to an early lead, but the crew in Waco made a surge at night to almost bring back the victory. Ultimately Brewster would win out with 34% of the vote; over 65% of Friday’s vote was between the two holes. The Pros also had a close vote between Brewster and the bEast, but edging out ever so slightly in the vote was the bEast for the Pros. 

We said the following about the two Hole 10s: 

Brewster Ridge: Hole Ten at Brewster Ridge is 470 ft for MPO and 410 ft for FPO, playing as a Par 3. Players are throwing slightly downhill into a green fairway. A few trees are surrounding the green that comes into play, but outside of that, if players stay clean off the tee, they may have a shot at birdie. See how the hole unfolds on the Jomez flyover from the 2019 Green Mountain Championship.

Brazos Park East: Hole Ten at the bEast is a 591 ft Par 4 for MPO and 491 ft for FPO. Players throw out into an open fairway that curves left towards the basket. There are a few trees in the fairway that can cause trouble, but players who stay in the fairway will have a clean shot to the green. At the green, players try to avoid going beyond the basket to not roll down a hill and back into the woods. Check out the flyover from Jomez’s coverage of the 2020 Waco Annual Charity Open.

Voting resumes tomorrow morning with Hole 11 at 9 AM ET. Make sure to tune in each day next week to continue to vote for your favorite disc golf holes on tour.