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Disc Golf Etiquette: Tips from the Pros

By Michelle Springett

By: Michelle Springett
Disc Golf Pro Tour Communications Coordinator

Disc Golf Etiquette: Tips from the Pros! 

Etiquette, it’s a big topic to cover when it comes to playing sports. There are plenty of instances in professional sports when etiquette comes into play. There is a code set by the PDGA called The Disc Golfer’s Code that every player should know and follow. “Play Smart, Respect the Course, and Represent the Sport.” The Disc Golfer’s code is important! There are also “rules” that aren’t written down but are necessary to keep yourself and other players happy. 

For example: In Major League Baseball, “Don’t steal bases or strut after home runs when behind by a large margin.” Of course, this rule isn’t enforced or written down, but it’s helpful for the pro’s careers and relationships with their colleagues. All players should try implementing some of these helpful unwritten rules when playing casually or in competition.

Most seasoned players are already aware of these helpful etiquette tips, but it never hurts to have a refresher especially when these tips come from the pros themselves! We asked the pros for their disc golf etiquette tips, pet peeves, and advice for players. 

Here’s what they said…

Disc Golf Etiquette: Tips & Tricks from the Pros

“I think one of my biggest peeves, when I’m playing casually, is slower groups or larger groups just not letting you play through. So if you see someone waiting on you at every hole, just let them play through.” – Calvin Heimburg

It’s great to go out and play with a big group of friends! But be sure to ensure that you and your group aren’t holding up a single player or group that is playing faster than you. It’s awkward to wait behind a large group alone or just with one other, watching all six players in your group tee off.

Disc Golf Etiquette: Tips & Tricks from the Pros Albert Tamm

“Cigarette(or any other kind of) smoke near teeing area, the fairway, or the green. It is completely inappropriate to smoke in or near any area where other people are or will be.” 

Be respectful of others’ space! You may be outside, but other people are most likely nearby on the course. Smoking doesn’t smell great and second-hand smoke is harmful to a person’s health. Save any smoking for before or after you play, off the course. 


“Giving unsolicited advice, especially to women.” 

As a female, this one is near and dear to me, obviously. But, unless someone asks for your advice, don’t give it. It’s unnecessary and flat-out rude.

Disc Golf Etiquette: Tips & Tricks from the Pros Luke Humphries

“Getting down on yourself when you have a bad hole/shot. No one else on your card should be able to tell if you’re having a bad round.”Madison Tomaino 

“The ol “try hard” golfer. If we are playing casually, we are supposed to be having fun! Don’t ruin everyone else’s experience, by taking it too seriously” – Luke Humphries

Most fun wins!  This sport is fun, so don’t get so bogged down if you’re having a bad round. Learn from your mistakes and let those mistakes go. Don’t take down the vibe of everyone else playing because you are frustrated with how you played.


“I don’t usually go out with a pet. But as stated previously, if I can’t control the animal, I have it on a leash or leave it at home.” – Albert Tamm

We all love seeing dogs on the disc golf course! But if your dog can’t be controlled while not leashed, it’s best to either leave them at home or keep them on a leash. Plus, please obey any rules regarding pets on the course and in the parks. 

Disc Golf Etiquette: Tips from the Pros Madison Tomaino

“Talking on the tee pad, taking more than 30 seconds to throw, poor sportsmanship.” – Madison Tomaino

Be respectful of others but especially those playing with you. Holding up play by talking too much on the tee pad or taking too much time to play your turn is rude.

Disc Golf Etiquette: Tips from the Pros Juliana Korver

“Learn to read the room (card).  Some people enjoy interacting during a round others do not.  If you are playing with people who are significantly better than you, don’t complement everything they do.” – Juliana Korver

Playing with someone better than you? Amazing! Take this time to pay attention and learn from them. You can watch their form, and if they are open to chatting with you about playing, then go ahead and ask some questions. If they prefer to remain silent during the rounds, then keep your chatting until after the round. 


“Inconsistency. Consistency is key. What I mean by this is that when someone else is throwing, the rest of the people should continue to do whatever they are doing as the other player throws his/her shot. If you are talking and you notice someone on the verge of throwing, continue talking. If you are moving, continue moving. The last thing you want to do is surprise the player throwing at the last second. If you continue doing something and the player wants you to stop, it is that player’s job to say so.”

This is key for watching the pros at Disc Golf Pro Tour events!

Disc Golf Etiquette: Tips from the Pros Cynthia Ricciotti

“Not being prepared to throw your shot when it’s your turn.” – Cynthia Ricciotti

“Be ready and walking up to your shot with an idea of what to throw so you can stay within the 30 seconds” – Gavin Babcock 

Be prepared while playing. No one appreciates a player getting to their shot and then taking forever to line up the next shot. Enforce the pace of play! After your shot, start planning your next shot, and pick out the disc you want to use before you get there. Being prepared is important and helpful!

Disc Golf Etiquette: Tips from the Pros Gavin Babcock

When in doubt, try to do the most respectful thing you can think of.”

Be respectful and have fun out there! Respect is a two-way street. Show respect to others, and they will show respect to you. Respect the course as well, don’t vandalize or litter! And remember that most fun wins!

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