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Disc Golf Network Debuts as New Media Platform for the Pro Tour

By Jeff Spring

The DGPT is excited to announce the Disc Golf Network, the new home of live disc golf. The Disc Golf Network or “DGN”, is a streaming and on-demand media platform similar to Netflix or Disney+ where you can watch disc golf content on a web browser, the DGN apps (available on Roku or Amazon FireTV) on your smart TV, or on your mobile device (Apple or Android). While the apps debut next week, the website and video is available now at

Viewers can subscribe to the Disc Golf Network for $8.99/month or $64.99/year. Active PDGA members are offered a 50% discount on the monthly rate, bringing the recurring monthly fee down to $4.49. Content on the Disc Golf Network will include both unlocked (free for all) and locked (accessible to subscribers only) content. Most free content will also be added to the DGPT YouTube channel, which will continue to get consistent content updates.

While the first rounds of the live broadcast will be locked for subscribers only, the final round of all DGPT events will be streamed for free and unlocked on the DGN, as well as simulcast on other DGPT platforms like YouTube. This is designed to allow disc golf fans to get a taste of what the 2020 live production is like before deciding to subscribe. In addition, the first live broadcast of the year, the Memorial, will have all four rounds streamed live for free.

Having a full time media team on the road allows the DGPT to increase the amount of content created. DGPT Media Manager Mahmoud Bahrani notes “there are so many storylines to follow throughout the disc golf season. The growth of the sport means more touring pros than ever, and we want to dive deeper into bringing their stories to life, whether that’s highlighting the challenges of competition, player’s lives on the road, or diving deep into stats. There’s so much to work with.” 

The entire DGPT team, including Bahrani and Media Coordinator Sam Gaddes, will work together to produce new, exciting content all year long. The DGN will also add in preview & post round studio shows that give extra content to fans watching live, similar to the format Bahrani worked on at ESPN’s “The Jump”. Add in the change to the structure of the live broadcast that combines the women’s coverage with the men’s broadcast, and 2020 delivers a new viewing experience and live product that differentiates itself more starkly from post-produced shot-by-shot coverage.

The DGN has also reached out other content producers and will feature exclusive content from disc golf media luminaries like Cory Murrell, as well as some player driven content, such as Vlogs from Simon Lizotte. There is room for any and all content on the Disc Golf Network, and we are excited to feature guest content that will be exclusive to subscribers. Contact to submit content for consideration. 

Tour Director Jeff Spring helps to explain the motivation behind the development of the DGN. “The DGPT is committed to improving live coverage for the 2020 season. We are also committed to our mission of growing professional disc golf through the organization and promotion of an elite professional tour. In order to do both, we must innovate and evolve to find a sustainable model for the DGPT, primed for accelerating growth of the sport over the next 10 years.”

The DGPT has partnered with SmashboxxTV to bring the DGN to life. After agreeing to a deal to co-produce live coverage for every DGPT event last November, the media company run by Terry Miller and Jonny Van Duerzen will join with the DGPT media team to help guide the development of the Disc Golf Network. Terry “The Disc Golf Guy” Miller shares that “seeing a concept like the Disc Golf Network come to fruition proves how both the sport and the DGPT continue to grow and evolve. I know that content from Smashboxx and the Disc Golf Guy will fit right in which feels great for all of us.”

In addition to providing live coverage for all DGPT events, the Disc Golf Network is available to provide live coverage at other events. Contact to inquire about live coverage at your event. 

Live video coverage of DGPT events has been a calling card for the Tour, and a service that thousands of disc golf fans have come to expect. The DGPT is excited to roll out the Disc Golf Network, and the adjustments and improvements that come with it, as a step towards the next generation of live coverage. We hope you join us! Visit to subscribe today!