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Disc Golf Viewership – Let it Grow, Let it Grow, Let it Grow

Three events in and the numbers are good. Viewership is up. Average time watching is up. Onsite engagement is up. When you combine more people watching for longer
amounts of time, the total number of viewer minutes goes up crazy fast. This is where we are seeing the biggest impact of our efforts and our partnerships
During the offseason we increased our outreach (FB, YT, Instagram, Newsletter, Blog/News), improved our branding, and continued to develop our relationship with the PDGA. We are all seeing the benefits of these efforts as the disc golf tent grows at a faster and faster rate. Our YouTube subscriptions are up 50%. All of our channels have improved and consistent branding.
A big contributor to our growth is the PDGA. Forty percent of the increase in viewership is attributable to the PDGA sharing our content and embedding the live broadcast. We are very happy to continue to develop this partnership. We encourage everyone that loves the Pro Tour to thank the PDGA for their support and join the PDGA to show the world how much opportunity there is in disc golf. Working together, we can grow our sport even faster.
Another focus during the offseason was the flow of the broadcast. We worked with Tournament Directors to have the live MPO card tee off 25 minutes after the chase card. This minimizes the number and length of backups during the live broadcast. Minimizing backups helps the flow of the entire show, increases the average watch time of each viewer, and over time, will grow the overall audience as the live broadcast continues to improves.
The average live broadcast is over 30 minutes shorter than in 2017. Better flow to the coverage encourages people to watch longer. Average viewer watch time has increased at every event, increasing to 40 minutes at Jonesboro.
Watch. And grow the sport.
We are very excited to see that the growth is more than we had dared to hope. You are watching. You are holding and attending Watch Parties . You are growing the sport and making it possible for our best athletes to make a living playing disc golf professionally.
Thank you.