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Doss Clinches GMC Win, MJ Makes Him Play For It

To be on the course today was to feel real competitive tension. We’ll get into the play in a moment but first, congratulations to Nate Doss, Discraft’s Green Mountain
Championship’s Winner – Nate’s first A-Tier win in five years. Doss never disappeared from the leader board through it all, racking up B-Tier and C-tiers wins and second place finishes all over. Great to see you back at the top Nate. Oh, and Nate won his sponsor’s title event and on the same weekend that he released a collaboration beer with local Vermont brewery, Fiddlehead. Add to all of that a round of applause for Michael Johansen, who nearly caught Doss, until the final approach shots on 18. Doss started today with a three-throw lead of MJ and we were only a handful of holes in when it was clear there was going to be a real show put on. Doss Finished at a total -44, MJ at -42, Ricky at -41, and Cale at -40.
Terry Miller, the disc golf guy from SmashBoxxTV caught up with our champion on the live coverage but here are a few great lines from their chat:
Terry: You held on today. You had challengers coming at you hard, including your teammate Michael Jo, this is your biggest win since 2012. Did you know that?
Nate: Oh of course. how could I not? It’s been a hell of a road since worlds in 2011. that 2011 season was one of my best, some things happened, and I lost a little confidence, but I kept with it. It means a hell of a lot, coming towards the end of my road, got some other things coming for me. Honestly, it’s just a great feeling to be back in the winner’s circle. I’ve been so proud of all the winners who have come along – between then and now – great to be back within the ranks with the best in the world. this is just a great moment t-dog, I don’t know what to say…
Terry: you only go to the biggest events, you want to challenge the best. Today you’re on top of that.
Nate: yea that’s my goal. That’s been my goal since I was a little kid when I told my dad I wanna play pro and he asked “why”?”. Because I wanna beat the best players – and that’s still my mentality to this day. You know, it means a whole lot to play with a guy like Ricky here. a guy who’s undefeated here. And Michael Johansen, showed that guy is really an unbelievable player – in many regards, he putted excellent. I actually asked him the other day, “How old are you?” he goes “I’m 38, yea the masters aren’t gonna like me”.
Again, congratulations Nate on such a successful week. I’m sure the celebrations at tonight’s Smuggler’s Notch FallFest will be rocking. While Terry was interviewing our champion I caught up with Nate’s fiercest competition of the week, Michael Johansen, to hear how he felt about today’s run.
ZP: Coming on to 18.
MJ: It was down to 1.
ZP: that was incredible! Really quick, how’d you feel about the round what are your thoughts on the day?
MJ: It was kind of a slow start, not bad, but once I got going and in to the round I relied on my putter basically. And it was working well yesterday, and the last couple days, and then just stayed on fire pretty much, so it kept me there.
ZP: Was there a point where you felt the momentum turn on?
MJ: Not really, I just knew I was gonna need help really to catch him or him to have a bad round, and you really don’t wanna wish someone to have a bad round. So I knew I needed a little bit of help. I knew turning the corner on the back, getting away from a couple of the holes – the water hole – right there I felt pretty good coming in after that to at least be close.
ZP: The putt with the rock!
MJ: Yea the putt with the rock, that was pretty random, hadn’t done that before.
Nate and MJ both knew it, Johansen’s putter was smoking hot this week, finishing in second place for both circle one and circle two putting. Congratulations on a fantastic week MJ, looking forward to seeing you pick up a victory soon too.
There you have it folks. That closes out our coverage of Discraft’s Green Mountain Championship for 2017 – another fantastic week of tournament golf for the record books. We’re back in a few weeks for the Tour Championships in Jacksonville, FL, October 19-22. Until then, good luck where ever you’re playing and find some time to get on the course before winter settles in.