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Dream 18 Week 3 Wrap-Up

By Baker Helton

We are three weeks into our three and half week Dream 18 campaign. Another five holes are now a part of the DGPT Fans Dream 18 course. Let’s take a look at each of our winners from this past week and then look ahead to the next week of voting. 

Hole 11

A unanimous vote across the fans, players, and DGPT staff all agreed that throwing across the Christmas Tree farm at Maple Hill can’t be beat. With 35% of the fan vote, there were quite a few different Hole 11’s in the running, but ultimately only one could win. 

We said the following about Maple Hill’s Hole 11:

Maple Hill: At 780 ft for MPO and 670 ft for FPO, this Par 4 plays downhill across the famous Christmas tree farm that the course plays around. Players are looking to make a landing zone roughly 400 ft from the tee pad to have a clean look at the baskets they are throwing toward. For the FPO, the basket fades to the left and is perched atop a rock wall. The MPO basket is tucked another 110 ft into the woods with an open green once the players get to it. Watch the flyover from Jomez’s 2018 MVP Open coverage to see how the pros play the hole.

Hole 12

Another unanimous decision, the new Hole 12 added at Northwood, represented for fans, pros, and the DGPT staff everything someone would want in a disc golf hole. With over 47% of the fan vote, it was clear that Northwood Hole 12 is Dream 18 worthy.

See what we had to say about this challenging hole:

Northwood: Hole Twelve at Northwood is one of the brand new holes built for 2019 PDGA Worlds. At 1050 ft for MPO and 725 for FPO, this Par 5 is heralded as one of the hardest holes on Tour. Players are working to stay in the middle of a tightly-wooded fairway—the fairway curves to the right play across a creek and then uphill towards the green. See how the Pros played it thanks to Jomez’s coverage of the 2019 PDGA World Championship.

Hole 13

With 88% of the vote coming between two holes, the ultimate winner for the fans for the Dream 18 was Idlewild’s “KY” Hole 13. The battle was between Idlewild and Eureka Lake on this one. However, the Pros and DGPT staff both agreed that Maple Hill’s Hole 13 would be in their Dream 18’s. 

We had the following to say about the two different holes:

Idlewild: Hole Thirteen at Idlewild is a 472 ft Par 4. The famous “KY” hole, in previous years, players have played through a “Y” shaped tree in the middle of the fairway. Once down the hill players contend with an OB creek that runs in front of the green. If players can make the corner and avoid the OB, they have a look at eagle. Figure out how you might attack it while watching Jomez’s flyover from the first round of the 2018 Idlewild Open. 

Maple Hill: At 405 ft, this Par 3 plays downhill to a wooded green. Players who make the shot to the basket do have to avoid going past the basket. Players who come up short stand the chance of landing in a ravine that moves in front of the basket. Paul McBeth had a throw-in on this hole in 2018, and Catrina Allen made a firm putt from the edge of C2 in 2017. Watch the flyover from Jomez’s 2018 MVP Open coverage to see how the pros play the hole.

Hole 14

Another unanimous decision, the downhill monster island Hole 14 at Maple Hill, won out over Idlewild’s wooded and challenging Par 4 Hole 14. With these two holes taking up 79% of the vote, it was a race to the finish with Maple Hill barely winning out on Friday morning.  

We had the following to say about Maple Hill’s Hole 14:

Maple Hill: At 420 ft for MPO, this Par 3 plays downhill to a basket perched on the water’s edge. The hole is a little more straightforward for the FPO division at 285 ft. The men are all gunning for the basket with a right-hand backhand throw. The FPO division has an opportunity to throw more straight at the basket and have an effortless look at birdie. Watch the flyover from Jomez’s 2018 MVP Open coverage to see how the pros play the hole.

Hole 15

The only hole where consensus could not be found between any of the three voting groups, Hole 15, presented three different decisions between the fans, the pros, and the DGPT Staff. The fans chose “The Gauntlet,” also known as Hornet’s Nest Hole 15. It was a contested vote, though, with only 30% of fans voting for the hole. Ultimately only three courses did not receive votes for their respective Hole 15’s. The Pros chose Idlewild’s challenging uphill Par 4 while the DGPT staff chose Brewster Ridge’s 360 ft Par 3. 

You can see what we said about each of the holes below:

Hornets Nest: Hole Fifteen at Hornet’s Nest is 321 ft for MPO and 269 ft for FPO. The hole plays straight out of the woods with a mando on the immediate left of the tee. The FPO basket is set in an opening while the MPO basket is across the field and set slightly back into the woods. What looks to be an easy three can go wrong quickly if a player hits a tree early. See how the players played the hole at last year’s Tour Championship, thanks to Jomez.

Idlewild: Hole Fifteen at Idlewild is a 487 ft Par 4. Players are throwing almost straight uphill to make the first landing zone. If players make it up the hill, they will have a 200-150 ft look at the basket to have a chance at birdie. Due to the incline, players are looking to make it up the hill and still in the fairway. Figure out how you might attack it while watching Jomez’s flyover from the first round of the 2018 Idlewild Open.

Brewster Ridge: Hole Fifteen at Brewster Ridge is 360 ft playing from an elevated tee position to a blind pin. Players are throwing on a left curving fairway and then contend with a DGPT raised pyramid to make the hole just that much harder. See how the hole unfolds on the Jomez flyover from the 2019 Green Mountain Championship.

Back Nine Contest Update

Currently, there have been no perfect choices. In fact, out of six options so far, two people are in the lead with four correct decisions. There are many others close behind them with three right choices. With Holes 16-18 still to come, it’s still anyone’s game to win the Trekker cart thanks to our partnership with ZUCA. 

Make sure you come back Monday-Wednesday this week to vote for the last three holes on the Dream 18 and then join us a little later as we release the full Dream 18 Caddybook and media coverage.