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Dude: Turning Heads

Dude –Official Clothing Supplier to the 2016 Pro Tour
When the Dude Clothing 40’ van rolls into town, heads turn. And turn they should, for the Dude van has been instrumental in putting Dude on the map at disc golf tournaments this season. Not only is Dude on the map for its new range of clothing specially designed for Disc Golf, they are also the official clothing suppliers for the 2016 Pro Tour.

Chief Dude and Aussie disc golf champion, Chris Finn has put his hand up to support the Pro Tour with a great range of clothing that anyone playing in the Pro Tour would be proud to wear. “When it came to the opportunity to be involved with such a well run program, it was a no brainer” said Finn.  “We are excited about the development of disc sports and really keen to see the game grow”.

Every sport has its own line of clothing and now with Dudes involvement, so too has disc golf. It’s a sign of the growing maturity of the game and will be great for our sport.

The Dude van and Chris Finn and his team will be at all the Pro Tour tournaments promoting and selling the usual Dude range as well as some really high quality co-branded tops, shorts and caps made specially for the 2016 Pro Tour. “Some of this, especially the caps are sure to become collectors items in years to come” says Finn. “Our designer has gone to incredible lengths to respond to the special needs of the game, with high quality fabrics and design elements that only apply to disc sports. Large pockets for mini discs, side pockets for easy access to score card and pencil, lightweight four-way stretch fabrics, some of which have never been seen before”.

“The response from the disc golf world to our new range has been phenomenal” says Finn. “We have been around for a number of years, but this year is our big break with the new range and partnership with the Pro Tour. We are getting great support from players and supporters at all levels of the game, who see only benefits to having a clothing range specific to disc sports”

Dude origins are firmly based in Australia, because Finn is an Aussie and an Australian disc golf champion. He’s been playing since he was 11 and is instrumental in the games development down under. But, says Finn “the major centers for disc golf are in the US and Europe, so it’s great to take an Aussie brand to the world”.

Be sure to visit the Dude store and van at the next Pro Tour tournament, say “G’day Dude” to Chris and his team and don’t pass on the chance to pick up some great Pro Tour gear.