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Happy Halloween: 2020 DGPT Trading Cards Presale in Full Swing!

By Baker Helton
We’ve got a spooky announcement for you on this Halloween, complete with some “ghost” cards. Who’s ready to collect? Disc Golf Pro Tour Trading Cards have been a staple of the tour since its inception and next year will be no different. We are excited to roll out updates to the DGPT Trading Cards for 2020 and deliver more of both player cards and special edition cards than ever before! Trading card presale has already begun, and today, we are happy to announce that we are adding our 2020 12-packs to the DGPT Shop for presale! Fans can now purchase 12 packs with a mix of all the different types of cards.


There will be 100 individual cards in production in 2020! Here’s the breakdown for all you collectors out there:

  • 70 Competitor cards comprised of 20 Women’s cards and 50 Men’s Cards
  • 11 Tournament Cards, one for each of the DGPT events.
  • 19 Rare Cards
    • 6 2019 Stat Leader Cards
    • 4 Special Edition Champion Cards
    • 9 Tour Highlight & Special Edition “Ghost” Cards

The last category gives everyone something to wonder about! In addition to a few “highlight” moments from this year’s tour, there will be a few special “ghost cards” that will be the rarest of the bunch! We will roll out information about the title and content of these cards sporadically, so keep your ears to the ground! The only way to ensure that you can purchase every card is to buy our new “All  Card” pack offering. Check out the full breakdown of your purchase options and the rarity of each type of card:

  • All Card Exclusive Decks – $99.99
    • Total Cards: 100, one of every card produced
    • Decks Available: 100, pre-sale only!
  • Tour Decks – $69.99
    • Total Cards: 70, one of every competitor
    • Decks Available: 150
  • Tour Packs – $16.99
    • Total Cards: 12, mixed
    • Decks Available: 1,500
    • Mixed Card
      • Each 12 pack will include:
        • 10 competitor cards
        • 1 Tournament card
        • 1 Rare card

As the years have gone by, the DGPT Trading Cards have gained a following, now to the point where their historical popularity should not go understated! In 2016, 100 Decks and 1,000 card packs were created, and almost the entirety of them sold through pre-order. In 2017 we expanded production due to popularity and produced 200 decks and 2000 card packs. In 2018 we continued to grow with 2500 card packs and 250 complete decks switching printed year and representing the 2019 season and the year to come. This year, we’ve expanded the total number of cards that will be printed, and reduced inventory slightly, upping the rarity and collectibility of the 2020 edition cards.

For those just now entering the card collecting game, 2016 cards are rare and hard to procure. The 2017 cards are a little bit easier, with
decks and packs still available in our online store. This year we saw an increased interest in our trading card decks, and we sold out of those at the Tour Championship; however, there are still some packs available.

An entire trading card culture now exists within the disc golf community, including a
Facebook page dedicated to the trading of cards.

For 2019 we are going to adjust some production numbers and emphasize what we know fans want the most. We will maintain the 250 decks created number, but those are split across two types of decks. One hundred decks will feature every card made for the 2020 season. These are available only through pre-order . Player decks will be One hundred and fifty decks which will feature all of the players. The player cards are increasing this year to fifty men and twenty women. You can also pre-order those decks at this time. Finally, with the increase of player cards, there will be an increase in the number of cards within the trading card packs. You will now receive 12 cards in the trading card pack. Those are also now available for pre-order .

The 2020 trading cards also feature a new 2020 card emblem on the corner of each card. The start of the presale has already got us excited for the 2020 season, and we hope you are too! Trading cards will be ready to ship in time for delivery before the holiday season in mid-December making these great gift ideas for the holidays. Soon after that, we’ll be back on Tour and we can’t wait to see fans out at every Pro Tour stop next season looking to get their cards autographed!