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Highlights from the 2023 Portland Open Press Conference

By Michelle Springett

Article written by: Michelle Springett – DGPT Communications Coordinator

The 2023 Portland Open Presented by Latitude 64 starts today! If you want all the pertinent details on watching the tournament live, check out the Disc Golf Pro Tour event page. We sat down with the pros and tournament staff to hear about what’s on their minds headed into the first DGPT Elite+ Event of the year. You can watch the full Press Conference here or below via the DGPT Youtube Channel. Here is what we learned…

Simon Lizotte

Even though Simon Lizotte may not have cashed at the Beaver State Fling, he is excited about playing this weekend on the Glendoveer Courses. Lizotte believes that relying solely on distance drives will likely not be decisive in securing victory at the 2023 Portland Open. In his view, selecting the appropriate disc for accurate upshots and effectively navigating the distinctly different green conditions (some he described as“lip-glossy”) and so forth will unquestionably play a pivotal role in winning this weekend’s tournament. Also, in collaboration with Bevel Brewing, he is releasing a disc golf beer called “Twice or It’s Luck.” There will be a release party for this tasty brew Saturday night at Glendoveer.

Philo Brathwaite

This past weekend Philo Brathwaite achieved a significant milestone in his disc golf career by clinching his first PDGA Major Title at the 2023 PDGA Tim Selinske U.S. Masters Championships Presented by Innova. Philo has a unique history with Glendoveer, having played the golf course prior to it being a disc golf course and having initially played traditional golf there. With a remarkable 18 years of experience in the sport, he thinks his involvement in commentating on disc golf has proven beneficial for his own game. By adopting this “student of the game” approach, commentating has proven instrumental in enhancing his own skills, as he has diligently observed and studied the techniques of numerous top players. You can catch him commentating this weekend as you watch the MPO division Portland Open Live!tis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Eagle McMahon

Eagle McMahon expressed a strong gravity that draws him to the Pacific Northwest (PNW), and is excited about being back. Fueled by his current momentum, Eagle aims to make significant strides to secure a coveted top 3 position on the Disc Golf Pro Tour. He eagerly anticipates the DGPT Championship’s fresh structure, which promises new opportunities for competition. Comparisons among professional players are an inevitable aspect of being on Tour, and Eagle believes that self-awareness is crucial. He emphasizes the importance of looking inward, focusing on personal performance rather than being consumed by comparisons to others. In line with Kristin Tattar’s wise words, Eagle quotes, “Comparison is the death of joy.”

Highlights from the 2023 Portland Open Press Conference

Paige Pierce

Let’s celebrate Paige Pierce’s birthday! Paige has been playing professional disc golf for 14 years. Lately, she has dedicated her practice sessions to honing her putting skills, particularly focusing on those crucial 18-25 foot putts. Recognizing the different playing conditions at the upcoming event, Paige has decided to abstain from utilizing rollers this week, as there is ample air space, unlike the low-ceilinged OTB Open. Her primary emphasis for the weekend is approaching the game with a logical mindset and making calculated decisions to maximize her performance.

Kristin Tattar

Kristin Tattar has not been playing disc golf in the past month or so, she flew back to Estonia to spend time with her family. Kristin says she has felt like a unicorn coming from a faraway land and was looking for some normalcy in her off time. Confidence is the biggest key to her performance for this weekend. According to her, having any doubt in her mind while playing leaves room for errors.

Ricky Wysocki

Ricky Wysocki showed up to the 2023 Portland Open Presented by Latitude 64, with his trophy axe from the Cascade Challenge. He stated that he has felt like he has been in the octagon battling Lyme disease and has felt like a caged animal, unable to play disc golf. Ricky has a team that has been keeping him on task with his practice, going to his physical therapy appointments, and as his caddie.

Highlights from the 2023 Portland Open Press Conference

The 2023 Portland Open presented by Latitude64 kicks off today. Tune into the Disc Golf Network to catch all the action and follow scores on UDisc Live. Can’t watch live? Catch all the lead card action on JomezPro’s YouTube channel for next-day post-produced coverage!

Highlights from the 2023 Portland Open Press Conference

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