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How to Introduce Disc Golf to Your Friend

By Nick Quargnenti

You’re hanging out with one of your best friends but you find yourselves feeling bored with nothing to do. You decide to take a walk and stumble upon a small park, while exploring the park and enjoying the fresh air you notice a disc golf basket. Then it hits you… “Let’s go disc golfing!”. But your friend gives you a look of confusion, unaware of one of the world’s most enjoyable sports. Where do you go from here?

Disc golf is an inclusive and engaging sport played by millions of people worldwide (and that number is growing every day!). It’s a game that combines the unique individual decision-making component of golf with an incomparable opportunity to connect with and appreciate the nature around you, as disc golf courses span a far more diverse spectrum of environments than traditional ball golf courses. Disc golf is also incredibly accessible to beginners, and you can help others find a love in the incredible sport by following the tips below.

Tips for introducing a beginner to disc golf:

  • Start with the basics: Explain the rules of the game, how to throw a disc, and the different types of discs used in disc golf. You can also show them some basic techniques like a backhand throw or a forehand throw. Unless they ask, try to avoid getting into the nitty-gritty of the sport.
  • Choose the right course: Staring down the fairway of a 1,000-foot par 5 hole with nothing but tight gaps can make anyone feel a little apprehensive. Be sure to pick a course that is beginner-friendly and has shorter holes. This will make learning and playing the game easier (and more enjoyable) for your friend.
  • Bring extra discs: Bring some extra discs so your friend can try out different types. Without going overboard, have them explore different molds and weights of discs. You can also lend them a few discs to use during the game, but think twice about lending them your favorite disc!
  • Play a casual round: Keep the game casual and fun. Focus on having a good time and enjoying the outdoors. Don’t worry too much about keeping score or being competitive.
  • Offer encouragement: Encourage your friend throughout the game, especially if they are struggling. Remember that everyone starts somewhere, and it takes time and practice to get better. Be considerate and try not to give them tips for every throw as this could get irritating, let them experiment and learn.
  • Share your love for the game: Last but certainly not least, talk about why you enjoy playing disc golf and share some of your favorite moments from playing (or watching). This can help your friend get excited about the game and want to continue playing so they can create their own unforgettable memories.

Introducing a friend to disc golf is all about making it an enjoyable and positive experience. With a little bit of patience and encouragement, your friend may just become a disc golf enthusiast too! Click here for our Beginner’s Guide to Disc Golf.

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